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Big Terrain Chilly Chest Dry Ice Packs

Are you tired of sifting through an esky of half-melted ice at the end of the night for your last beer? Hate buying bag after bag of ice in summer; or even worse, driving from servo to servo looking for one that has any ice left on a hot day? Want to keep your big catch fresh until you get back to dry land?

Chilly Chest Dry Ice Packs could be the answer. Hydratable, reusable and non-toxic, these gel packs can be frozen to extremely low temperatures (-190 degrees C) and will not turn to water, meaning no mess. Filled with sodium polyacrylate, a non-toxic compound capable of absorbing up to 300 times its own weight in tap water, these ice packs are easy to use and are incredibly versatile. The ice packs reportedly stay frozen for longer, and are flexible when frozen, so they can be wrapped, folded and moulded around whatever you want to keep cold. Lighter than ice and longer lasting, you can even cut them into a size that suits you, right down to individual cells.


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