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Black Arrow

Built for the Top End

If you are looking for a durable boat that will give you a smooth, efficient, stable and dry ride, customized to suit your individual needs, then the logical choice for the Top End is a Black Arrow. At Black Arrow we work closely with the customer to ensure every hull is exactly configured to suit the professional guide, amateur, or commercial fishermen.

The efficiency of a hull is determined by hull design. The Black Arrow range of hull designs comes from 15 years of experimentation and development, which allows the boat to run on top of the water rather than in it. The Black Arrow design has an acute entry on the bow and shallow dead-rise, reducing the planing area of the hull, reducing drag, while increasing fuel economy and maneuverability.

With it's long reaching bow, flare in the hull and shallow draft, you enjoy a dry, stable ride. Perfect for the Top End, particularly when fishing in strong tides and windy conditions. This is the reason professionals choose Black Arrow boats.

Black Arrow vessels are made only from the highest quality 4 and 5 mm marine grade plate aluminium, and are all built to survey standards. The hull structure from the keel to the gunwales is fully strengthened and won't give in after time from hull pounding, damage or fractures caused by constant flexing, as some of the less structured pressed hulls do.

If you are looking for a boat that can withstand the Top Ends harsh environment, you can't go past a Black Arrow.

From Barra punts to Bluewater boats, Fly Fishing boats, Estuary boats, Commercial vessels, Dive boats, Pleasure craft, all repairs and modifications, see what Black Arrow can do for you today!


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