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Black Widow continues to be Australia’s innovative leader in vehicle storage solutions.

How many times have you been on a trip and said to yourself: “Next time I have to be more organised. I’m sick of moving everything to get at something down the bottom!” Not anymore! With one of Black Widow’s storage systems fitted, you just roll out the drawer and have trouble-free acc

eeping your goods separate is no longer a chore. You will be amazed at how much extra room is achieved; no cumbersome wheel arches just a huge flat floor. Your storage space will virtually double and your trip will be so much more enjoyable and manageable. Attention to detail is what makes Black Widow successful in 4WD storage. As well as being strong and durable, Black Widow storage systems match your vehicle’s contour. Only stainless steel, aluminium, zinc-coated and galvanised metal components are used in construction.  And once you purchase a system, it lasts. The interchangeable wing and side contour kit can be updated when you change cars. Safety is important. Rated Black Widow Premium storage systems can carry 250kg (ADR42/03) of evenly-distributed weight and the barriers are rated to 60kg (AS/NZS 4034.2:2008). The inbuilt flush mounted system slides are a one piece folded galvanised steel design with strong 18mm carpeted water resistant top. The heavy duty stainless steel tie downs are recessed into the timber top and bolted through into the steel slide below. The tie downs lift up when in use and neatly fold down when they are not, giving a nice flat floor with no cumbersome protruding parts. Black Widow also uses twin runner bearings and side guide bearings for easier action. The slides lock in when not in use and automatically track lock when fully extended, so if you are on an incline the fridge and slide won’t move. Inbuilt fridge slides are available either on the passenger or driver’s side and your fridge dynamics will mostly determine this. The HDFS-810 was made for fridges over 60 litres and suits the Waeco, Engel, Evercool, Trailblaza, Explorer and the like. The HDFS-390 is designed for fridges up to 50 litres such as the Waeco, Engel, Bushman and ARB. Black Widow has mounting boards and tie down straps to suit all styles of fridges.


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