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The specially-designed taper of the Blackridge Floating Fly Line will appeal to both novice and experienced fly fishers. The high-quality nylon material used in the Blackridge Floating line enables easy loading for casting and seamless energy-transfer for good leader roll and fly presentation. The quality coating is durable and the versatile floating-line properties make this line a great all-rounder suitable for stream, river and lake fishing.

The Floating Fly Line finish is pale green to minimise contrast with a bush background, making your casting less visible to fish.

Blackridge Floating lines are available in weight-forward five-, six- and seven-weight. Backing choice is made easy and affordable with the great value Blackridge Tightweave Backing Line. It’s available in a 50-yard spool of 20lb, suitable for five- to seven-weight trout applications.


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