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Blackridge has launched a range of entry-level fly rods and reels that offers impressive performance and great value-for-money for those at the beginning of their fly fishing adventures. All Blackridge products are developed in the UK and are designed to help anglers advance their fly casting skills.

The forgiving Blackridge Fly Rod actions make it easy to load the fly line; either the 6-weight or 7-weight is an ideal start for learning the art of fly fishing. Acknowledging that fighting prowess is as important as casting performance, Blackridge has built power into the butt sections to ensure the angler can control any fish hooked.

Blackridge Graphite Fly Reels are also available to match perfectly with the corresponding rods. The 6-weight and 7-weight reels are made from a lightweight, durable and corrosion-proof graphite. The disc drag can be switched from left-hand to right-hand wind, to suit all anglers.


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