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Designed by pro-abalone diver, inventor and engineer, Greg Staples, the Boatcatch has developed into the current product which is a quality piece of engineering. The benefits of the Boatcatch include a quick, hassle-free and safe launch and retrieve, even when operating solo. A unit can be fitted to a variety of hulls, including fibreglass, alloy and even multi-hull vessels within a couple of hours by anyone handy mechanically. Manufactured from marine grade stainless, the positive locking pin and eye bolt are the key operating parts which, according to the manufacturer, are easily strong enough to hold even large hulls on a steep boat ramp without fear. The system is simple in its operation: for launching, the winch strap and safety chain are detached while the removable control line is clipped onto the Boatcatch handle and is passed up to the helm. The helmsman simply pulls the control cord and away you go –  the driver of the car need not even get out! On retrieval, the gate of the Boatcatch is left open and, as the vessel is driven on, the large Boatcatch eye engages with the locking pin with a solid and reassuring clunk, achieving a positive lock.


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