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Environment Minister Greg Hunt has appointed his first Clean Air Champion, Gary Fooks.

Gary is a founding member of the Australian Marine Engine Council (AMEC) and chairman of the Blue Sky Alliance – the body that links together the Outdoor Power Equipment Association and AMEC, working together toward the day we have emissions standards for non-road engines.

The Alliance’s first public program is a product-labelling scheme. Small engines that are low emitters and meet the proposed standard, be it an outboard, lawn mower or chain saw, will soon be seen with the “BSAM Label”.

AMEC applauds Minister Hunt for progress on marine engine regulations as a key improvement for the environment. The Victorian Boating Industry Association has called for the support of National Clean Air Legislation by State Governments to cover outboard motors, lawn mowers, generators and all small petrol engines which is expected to be considered at the next meeting of Environment Ministers.

Steven Potts, the CEO of the Victorian Boating Industry, said that, with a large proportion of outboard motors already having United States or EU emissions accreditation, the legislation is important to bring Australia into line with international standards.

The Victorian boating industry is fully supportive of the strategy being undertaken by Greg Hunt, and supported by manufacturers, industry and community groups.

The introduction of a National Clean Air Standards Legislation is a critical strategy to improve air quality and the health of future Australian generations in personal situations at work, at home and undertaking leisure activities such as gardening and lawn mowing.


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