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Boating Lifestyle Adventure - Automatic Satellite System

The Mecatronic ASR800 flat SKEW has been designed and manufactured to provide a high quality fully automatic satellite system for motor-homes and caravans throughout Australia. Featuring an    automatic SKEW adjustment and an integrated, intelligent, GPS module, it automatically calculates the inclination of the unit, making the ASR800 one of the fastest, fully automatic deploy and track satellite systems available.  With a large 850mm physical area when raised, the reflector dish provides the best possible reception in most areas throughout Australia. The ASR800’s GPS antenna powered by 12v DC is housed within the protective base and provides accurate GPS positioning every two minutes whilst travelling and continually updates the vehicle’s geographical position, which in turn enables a fast lock on time once raised at your destination. Additionally, the geographical positional  information guarantees the antenna its correct elevation and LNB skew for a quick 60 second lock on time to the Optus D3 satellite. The ASR800 includes a unique built in inclination metre, designed to allow the satellite dish to quickly find and track the satellite even when the vehicle is not dead level by as much as 30°. When retracted, the compact, 10.9kg ASR800 measures only 170mm in total height.  The composite electronics casings have been designed to withstand extreme temperature variations and dust particles. Which together with heavy duty bronze and steel gears ensure a long and maintenance free service life. Supplied with;  aluminium mount plate, stainless steel screws, one touch control box, cables and instructions. An optional control panel is also available featuring single push button operation with LED display which conveys any fault information if detected. 3 Year Warranty


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