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Evinrude’s iSteer and iTrim are systems that are available on all G2 outboards from 115 H.O. to 300 HP including the recently launched 115 H.O., 140 HP and 150 HP engines.

iSteer has two parts: a fully integratedhydraulic steering system (ieno messy cables) and a power steering assist pump that has three settings which adjust automatically while underway. The integration of hydraulic steering into the power steering swivelbracket eliminates all hook ups and wires all together. This makes climbing around the transom area easier and safer.

As the speed of the boat changes,it can become more difficult to steer. With iSteer, the power steering pump can be set to three different levels in order to tailor to the conditions. Maximum assist gives drivers the least steering resistance while minimum assist will provide more feel from the water. With three levels (minimum, medium and maximum), there is an appropriate level for all types of driving.

iTrim automatically keeps your outboard at the optimal trim level no matter what speed. This feature makes boating easier and more enjoyable for both new and seasoned captains.

When underway while manoeuvring through tight turns and big offshore water, Evinrude’s iSteer and iTrim adjusts automatically to make controlling the boat effortless.Both iSteer and iTrim do not require any aftermarket parts;it is an advantage straight from the factory.


In August 2019, BRP announced the completion of the previously-announced acquisition of 80% of the outstanding shares of Telwater Pty Ltd. Telwater is Australia's largest manufacturer of aluminum boat and trailer packages in the southern hemisphere, producing well-known brands: Quintrex, Stacer, Savage and Yellowfin Plate Boats.

Telwater is the third boat builder to join BRP’s Marine Group as an independent product line, along with the Evinrude, Alumacraft and Manitou brands.

As BRP’s third boat acquisition, Telwater’s addition to the Marine Group is another step in helping create a strong offering and foundation to expand into new markets, with the objective of transforming the marine industry as it did for powersports.

"We are extremely pleased to welcome Telwater employees to the BRP family. This first acquisition for the Marine Group outside the United States is another milestone in our plan to become a global leader in this industry", mentioned José Boisjoli, President and CEO of BRP.

The Telwater’s commitment to excellence and its reputation for reliability complement perfectly BRP’s state-of-the-art manufacturing expertise and innovation. This acquisition brings the BRP Marine Group one step closer in its quest to becoming a leader in the boating industry, building and integrating boats and engines to give consumers an unparalleled experience on the water.


There were over 10 hand-built, tested-tough Yellowfin Plate boatsat the show. Yellowfin Plate boats are built in a specialised plate factory by 17 of Australia’s most skilled builders.

Yellowfin Plate offers the most complete range of any plate boat builder with 27 models to suit the specific needs of serious fishermen. There is the all new Folding Hard Top and Centre Cab as well as the popular Southerner Hard Top. The all new Folding Hard Top is a manoeuvrable fishing machine that is easy to fit in most standard garages and is available in 5800, 6200 and 6500.

Then there is thebest of both worlds: the fish ability of a Centre Console combined with the protection of a cabin. Yellowfin Plate Boat’s Centre Cab gives fishos 360-degree fishability.

For the chargers out there, who want to go to new destinations and get there faster, the Yellowfin Plate Southerner Series is the boat of choice. A serious plate boat, fishermen can choose between the 7000 and the 7600 Southerner, the most popular boat in Yellowfin Plate’s range.

The 7000 Yellowfin Southerner HT


Lowrance® has a new software update for HDS Carbon™ displays. The Lowrance 18.3 software update includes support for Active Imaging™, StructureScan 3D®with Active Imaging enhancements and the LR-1 Remote Control, plus a simplified user interface and new Dual Mode WiFi capability.

Active Imaging Perfect for pinpointing fish-holding areas, Active Imaging allows anglers to see structure and cover at a greater distance from their boat with improved detail.The 18.3 software update enables support for both Active Imaging 3-in-1 (CHIRP| SideScan | DownScan Imaging™) and 2-in-1 (SideScan | DownScan Imaging) transducers.

StructureScan 3D with Active Imaging Enhancements

Active Imaging enhancements for StructureScan 3D include a cleaner water column with less noise, refreshed colour palettes and enhanced sonar processing to maximisedetail. A new depth-highlighting feature colours the user-selected upper-and-lower-depth limit area to help anglers better isolate specific structure and bottom depth.

LR-1 Remote Control

Users can control an HDS Carbon display from anywhere on their boat with the optional Lowrance LR-1 Remote Control. The remote has pre-programmed keys for marking waypoints and zooming in/out, plus up to five user-programmable options.

Quick and Easy Access to Sonar

Anglers will get quicker, one-touch access to all their sonar via a simplified HDS Carbon interface, featuring dedicated sonar pages for CHIRP, SideScan, DownScan Imaging, StructureScan 3D and SpotlightScan™. New custom split-screen panel configurations are available to allow anglers greater control over the display –the perfect way to showcase HDS Carbon’s new capability to display SideScan, DownScan Imaging and StructureScan 3D on the same screen, at the same time.

Dual Mode WiFi

With Dual Mode WiFi, you can maintain a WiFi connection to HDS Carbon and still use it as an access point for screen mirroring/remote control from a smartphone or tablet via the Link app. Prior to the 18.3 software upgrade, HDS Carbon displays could only perform one of the tasks at a time –connecting to the internet or serving as an access point for screen mirroring/remote control.

Active Imaging SideScan displays remarkable detail.


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