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At the heart of the release is FishReveal™ smart target viewing, an exciting new sonar feature for Elite Ti, HDS Carbon and Gen3. Plus, HDS Carbon gets massive enhancements to any high-frequency imaging (scanning sonar) transducer plugged into it like StructureScan® HD/3D. Elite Ti, HDS Carbon and Gen3 get a sizable bump in automatic navigation and map readability through the addition of C-MAP® Easy Routing and Navionics® Dock-to-Dock Autorouting capability and the new C-MAP® navigation palette. Go online and download free upgrades for Elite Ti, HDS Carbon, and Gen3.

IS HDS CARBON A SIGNIFICANT UPGRADE OVER HDS GEN3? It’s definitely worth the purchase consideration for HDS Carbon. HDS Gen3 set the bar high for the competition to chase. HDS Carbon offers unbeatable benefits that raise the standard even higher. With ultra-wide SolarMAX™ HD in-plane switching screen technology providing vibrant, accurate colour representation and true 1080 HD resolution on 16-inch displays, all new FishReveal™ smart target viewing and new dynamic high-visibility color views of fish, structure, bottom detail and bait, HDS Carbon has put Lowrance back in its rightful place as the undisputed industry leader in imaging sonar.


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