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BOATING PA: Lowrance Integrates Mercury Engine Data

LOWRANCE HDS GEN3 AND HDS GEN2 TOUCH DISPLAYS OFFER FULLY INTEGRATED MERCURY ENGINE DATA Lowrance, in partnership with Mercury, announced that the full line-up of Lowrance HDS Gen3 and HDS Gen2 Touch multifunction displays have a new software upgrade that adds powerful functionality with the recently-introduced Mercury VesselView® Link module, providing boaters with fully-integrated Mercury engine data combined with their chartplotter, sounder or radar display. Through the VesselView Link interface module, which conveniently connects between Mercury SmartCraft® engines and compatible Lowrance HDS Gen3 and HDS Gen2 Touch displays, anglers can experience a touch-friendly interface that offers quick access to data like RPM, speed, fuel remaining, battery voltage and trimtabs – all displayed on an easy-to-use interface. The VesselView Link control bar also provides quick access to Mercury smart modes including: Eco, Smart Tow®, Troll Control and Cruise Control, and a quick access bar displays clear warnings and alerts such as fault notification identifying the affected engine on multi-engine boats, descriptive fault text, and maintenance reminders. To maximise the combination of engine data with sounder, chartplotter or radar displays, users can also enable split-screen functionality with automatic panel adjustment for an optimal, hassle-free view. In addition, Mercury has also a new line-up of 5- and 7-inch VesselView® gauges – the VesselView 502 and VesselView 702 – that complement the VesselView Link integration with Lowrance HDS Gen3 and HDS Gen2 Touch displays and provide redundancy for added safety and enjoyment on the water. VesselView Link, which features single- and multiple-engine models with support for up to four SmartCraft engines, is available from authorised Mercury dealers.

Video: Now you have the capability to view all of your Mercury SmartCraft Engine Data on your Lowrance HDS Gen2 Touch and Gen3 displays.


Lowrance has announced its winter savings promotion into Australia and New Zealand. Available from June 1st through to September 20th 2016, Lowrance is dropping the RRP by $200 on each sku across the entire HDS Gen3 range.

The Lowrance HDS Gen3 range of multi-function displays are available in 7-, 9- and 12-inch models and combine a faster processor with enhanced, built-in fishfinder technologies, as well as a modified menu system that’s even easier to use. With an improved Lowrance user interface plus multi-touch and full keypad operation, the HDS Gen3 series provides quicker, fingertip access to all features – along with an enhanced processor for more responsive performance. Instinctive, icon-driven commands are easy to learn, and features such as scrolling menus, cursor assist, snap-to setting markers and preview panels with quick-touch slider bars, provide a user-friendly feel, similar to operating a smartphone or tablet. HDS-7 Gen3 (comes with 83/200 and LSS Transducers) $1,799.00 HDS-9 Gen3 (comes with 83/200 and LSS Transducers) $3,099.00 HDS-12 Gen3 (comes with 83/200 and LSS Transducers) $4,499.00 Note: Options also available for head only and alternative transducer skus.


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