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The new Long Shot Bomber lure is a must-have lure for all avid saltwater lure fisherman.

The Bomber Long Shot is a saltwater grade minnow that incorporates an internal weight transfer system that allows the rattle to roll to the tail end of the bait on the cast, then move back to a forward position, when the lure hits the water. That, along with an aerodynamic shape that cuts through the air, makes for super-long-distance casts even into a stiff wind. The Long Shot’s wide swimming action mimics an injured baitfish – a strike trigger for all species of predatory gamefish.

The Long Shot features 10 premium colour patterns, a saltwater tough, durable body and comes equipped with 4x saltwater hooks and heavy duty hardware. They are available in three lengths 125, 150 and 175mm and weigh 20, 33 and 51g respectively.


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