TT Lures original ChinlockZ jighead is built on a Mustad chemically-sharpened, black nickel worm hook and features a unique chin lock designed to lock the plastic securely in place, allowing anglers to cast hard, work the plastic aggressively and to keep the plastic in place and swimming following short strikes. This original unweighted version is ideal for fishing soft plastics on the surface or a dead slow sink, but what if we require more weight to get the plastic down quicker or deeper… that’s where the new ChinlockZ SWS comes into play.

Like the original ChinlockZ, the newly-released ChinlockZ SWS (Snagless Weight System) also has a chin lock to secure the plastic in place, but in addition it features a moulded weight on the belly of the hook that increases casting distance, controls the sink rate of the plastic and creates a slow, natural, horizontal sink. Weedless rigging with the ChinlockZ SWS allows you to effectively fish over and through structure such as timber, weed and lilies, or sink the plastic deep into the snag that would be virtually impossible to fish with standard lure presentations. Available in a dozen hook and weight combinations from a 1/12oz 2/0 through to a 1/4oz 8/0.