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WAECO CoolMatic CR compressor refrigerators These innovative, tropical-rated high-end refrigerators are a well-balanced blend of styling, functionality and construction. Four models are available, ranging from 50 to 110 litres, with stylish cool-blue component colours. Each has a separate insulated freezer compartment and integrated evaporator for full utilisation of cooling and freezing capacity. Quiet and reliable even on a tilt; the CR Range provides problem-free operation at 12/24V, with optional 240V — also suitable for solar operation. WAECO MagicComfort MCS10 Car Seat Cover Cooler Summer means sun and hot, sticky cars. However, the new WAECO MagicComfort MCS10 Car Seat Cover Cooler takes the dread out of summer driving. Just switch on and enjoy the cool air floating across the entire surface of the seat. The MCS10 has two cooling stages and provides supreme comfort, thanks to its ergonomic design and a massaging effect at the same time. Features include: - Operates on 12 volts - Optimised air circulation in the seat and backrest - High quality, breathable cotton/polyester fabric - Simple and practical fixing - Two cooling stages to be set on the cigarette lighter plug: - Stage I = pleasant permanent cooling - Stage II = quick chill when you set off driving WAECO — UNPLUGGED First it was the telephone, then the computer, and now mobile refrigeration has become the latest technology to become truly ‘unplugged’. Waeco has released the next generation CF-32UP CoolFreeze Unplugged fridge/freezer, and designed specifically for Australian requirements, the CF-32UP can provide up to 17 hours of refrigeration from a single charge. The secret is the newly developed, energy efficient built-in battery and cooling system. The release of the CF-32UP has been met with a chorus of approval from outdoor enthusiasts and retailers alike. The next generation WAECO CF-32UP CoolFreeze Unplugged fridge/freezer is at the forefront of the best-selling, energy-efficient WAECO CoolFreeze product range.


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