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Darwin Based Heli-Fishing Tours & Adventures

Darwin Based Heli-Fishing Tours & Adventures

Helifish (owned and operated by Nautilus Aviation) offers thrilling fishing adventures by flying to remote fishing spots in a range of helicopters and in doing so clients can see and do things that no other form of transport can offer.


A flight in a chopper is one of the most amazing experiences that flying has to offer. The ability to fly slowly, hover, ascend and descend vertically are only some of the flying adventures a chopper flight offers. A chopper gives clients the opportunity to access fishing in isolated and often untouched locations, where the fishing can be incredibly exciting. Heli-fishing is also more than just fishing: the flights to and from each fishing spot fly over spectacular and isolated country, including vast floodplains, rivers, wetlands, billabongs and magnificent coastal red cliffs. Due to the uninterrupted visibility from its helicopters, the visual experience and photo opportunities of landscapes, water birds, crocodiles, boars, water buffalo and other surprises are second to none! The experience is well suited for professionals, non-anglers, families and larger groups combining two or more helicopters.

WHERE ARE THE FISHING SPOTS? Helifish flies into to fishing spots that offer the best chances of catching fish on the day with season and tidal influences considered. The fishing is land-based and could be from a river bank, beach, billabong or estuary. The fishing locations chosen for each trip is based on easy access and safety. As the primary target fish is the barramundi, clients will usually get to experience multiple locations during a heli-fishing trip. So if one place isn’t catching fish, it is easy to get back in the chopper and in minutes be at a different fishing spot. Exclusive fishing is made possible by permits to locations including the untouched floodplains of the Daly River, Anson Bay estuaries and coastlines and Arnhem Land. Exclusive access to these sites means clients fish areas where there is minimal fishing pressure and no commercial netting. Helifish also promotes a catch-andrelease policy to ensure the ongoing health of the fishery. However, an exception for dinner is always possible.


Helifish offers a variety of heli-fishing trips and tours to cater for all budgets, available time, and personal preferences. The full-day adventure is Helifish’s most-popular tour. Many clients are repeat customers, addicted to remoteaccess fishing made possible only by helicopter. With two hours of flight time and over six hours of fishing, Helifish clients enjoy fishing at exclusive remote sites, chosen daily, depending on the season, weather, tides and time of day. The 1/2-day trip is an affordable option for those who may be time restricted, and still want to experience Helifish Tours. Tours depart early morning or afternoon. Tour duration is 4 hours, so clients will get approximately 3 hours fishing, and 1 hour flight time to and from our remote heli-fishing spots. Flying out along isolated coastline, rivers or billabongs to the east of Darwin, not only will clients have amazing floodplain views, chances are they will also see some of the amazing local wildlife. For the ultimate heli-fishing experience, there is a multi-day Fishing Adventure. Helifish will tailor a trip of a lifetime with options to fish all over the Northern Territory, as well as seeing ever changing landscapes. Clients can fish the Daly River, Victoria River, Mary River or nearly any piece of water in the NT. They can organise to tie in boat fishing trips with operators in the NT and can accommodate clients in a swag or 5-star accommodation. With exclusive, remote fishing, magnificent inflight views and a stop-off at an iconic pub on the way home to celebrate catching that “big one”, what are you waiting for?

CALL THE TEAM TODAY ON 1800 88 HELI! All fishing equipment, food and refreshments are provided. All that are needed is a camera and a sense of adventure!


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