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Dynamite Baits Floating Trout Bait


Spawning from the laboratory of the United Kingdom’s favourite bait and burley manufacturer comes Floating Trout Bait, by Dynamite Baits; a division of Rapala VMC Corp. We believe we have developed the best trout dough bait on the market today, incorporating Ultrabite fish-attracting pheromones – a proven
fish trigger.

Floating Trout Bait is soft enough for perfect shaping; soft enough to allow for perfect hook-ups; yet strong enough to allow for up to 20 casts without falling off. Dynamite Baits Floating Trout Bait comes in a 60g jar ready to fish; and in seven distinguishable flavours including Garlic Nymph, Prawn, Trout Pellet, Honey Worm, Mussel & Snail, Salmon Egg and Bloodworm.


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