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E-TEC 300

BRP’s newest addition is the range of 300hp models. With the new SLE Magnum gearcase, it offers the unique combination of industry-leading innovation, performance, and ease-of-use that all Evinrude E-TEC engines provide for boaters who seek a premium power of choice.With 3.4 L of displacement, the engine offers more torque, low-end power and top speed than other similar competitive two and four stroke outboard engines. This additional power allows boaters to plane heavy loads, pull skiers, wake boarders or tubers better than ever before.Additional torque is particularly beneficial for boating in high altitude areas and in hot climates. The Evinrude E-TEC 300-hp wraps a big block two-stroke direct injection power plant in a compact, lightweight design that provides exceptional performance. An amazing high power to low weight ratio provides a host of advantages, including greater fuel efficiency, less draft for improved boat handling, faster boat planing, and less stress on the structural integrity of the boat transom. Two of the biggest benefits of the unique Evinrude E-TEC technology are increased fuel economy and extended boating range. Performance testing has shown that the new 300-hp engine can deliver as much as 35-40 percent improvement in fuel economy and 50 percent improvement in oil consumption when compared to traditional electronic fuel injection (EFI) models. The 300-hp Evinrude E-TEC includes an all-new SLE Magnum high performance gearcase – the most durable V-6 gearcase BRP has ever made. Its hydrodynamic design increases speed and engine efficiency while providing superior control. A computer-designed leading edge reduces the chance of weeds wrapping around the housing compromising cooling and performance. Secondary water inlets, located at the nose of the gearcase housing, provide improved cooling over a wider range of conditions. An innovative forward gear and bearing design increases strength and durability while movement and wear are greatly reduced with a new propshaft bearing carrier.


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