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Eagle SeaCharter

Eagle soars to a new level

Eagle’s impressive range of high-resolution sonar, GPS and combo units sets a new benchmark in affordable depth sounding and marine navigation.

The company’s 2006 range of high-resolution units includes the SeaFinder® 640c DF, SeaCharter® 640c DF, FishMark® 640c, FishElite® 640c and IntelliMap® 640c.

Putting powerful dual-frequency sonar within reach of all boaters, Eagle’s new SeaFinder® 640c DF colour sonar features a sunlight-readable screen with wide-angle viewing, excellent resolution and constant screen updates, superior target detail and separation, and a split-screen data/sonar graph display.

Advanced Signal Processing (ASP™) adjusts the screen taking into account boat speed, water conditions and interference, HyperScroll™ allows manual adjustment of the ping speed of the transducer, and FishReveal™ identifies sonar returns from hiding fish. Positive depth sounding and fish finding is possible down to 460m.

Taking the next step up, Eagle’s SeaCharter® 640c DF combines the best of both worlds. Capable of positive depth sounding and fish finding down to 460m, this full-size, powerful, dual-frequency sonar/chartplotter also boasts extremely accurate GPS plotting for superior navigation.

The super-sharp, sunlight-readable display allows wide-angle viewing and excellent target detail and separation. HyperScroll™ and FishReveal™ functions are standard, as is an Overlay Data feature. The unit also displays temperature, speed and distance.

Eagle’s new FishMark® 640c allows boaters to experience high-resolution fish-finding performance for a low price. The colour display provides wide-angle viewing, instant screen updates, and great detail and separation.

ASP™ allows superior readability while underway, positive depth sounding and fish finding is down to 245m, and a split-screen data/sonar graph display is standard. This reliable unit also features HyperScroll™ and FishReveal™ functions.

Matching the performance of more expensive units is the FishElite® 640c – a full-size colour recording sonar/chartplotter. Its super-sharp resolution and wide-angle viewing allow pinpoint identification of structure, thermoclines and fish.

The unit is capable of positive depth sounding and fish finding down to 245m. HyperScroll™ allows for manual adjustment of the transducer’s ping speed, and FishReveal™ helps find hard-to-locate fish.

Eagle’s IntelliMap® 640c, a dedicated colour recording chartplotter, rounds out the high-resolution 2006 range. Featuring wide-angle viewing and excellent mapping definition, along with accurate GPS tracking and position updates, this precision navigation unit boasts superior performance.

All Eagle high-resolution units are fully sealed and waterproof, and automatically save customised user settings. Eagle’s two-year warranty is standard across the range.

NauticPath™ charts

Covering all of Australia and New Zealand, superior features of NauticPath™ charts include the highest level of accuracy; depth contours; intertidal zones and spot soundings; navigation aids with view range and coverage; extensive object-oriented detail including list of lights, tides and currents, wrecks and obstructions, marine services, restricted areas, and anchorage database; as well as chart information including name, number, scale and more.

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