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Engel Portable Fridge-Freezers

Engel - Simply the best portable fridge-freezers in the world

By Peter Rosentreter - Manager, Engel Queensland

I've been selling the Engel range for twenty years this year and have been proud to be a part of the evolution of Australia's premium range of portable fridge freezers.

The high regard and respect this product engenders within the Australian camping, four wheel drive, boating and trucking community never ceases to amaze me. This humble box, which began as an idea in the late fifties, has developed a reputation second to none for its ability to perform under the harshest conditions, no matter what is thrown at it (or where it's thrown for that matter).

I was asked recently in an interview where Engel sees itself in the portable fridge market. My answer was instant - Engel has been, is and will always be the premium portable fridge-freezer. In other words, Engel portable fridge-freezers are the best you can buy.

The secret is the Sawafuji swing motor which is unique to Engel portable fridge-freezers. This motor is the heart of all Engel portable fridge-freezers and displays strength, durability, and economical usage of power, quiet operation and of course superior performance. What more could you ask?

The range of sizes and configurations suit any application from carrying food on the long drive home after the weekly grocery trip in the 80 litre Combi, the 15 or 21 litre in the tinnie for the long hot days on the water, the 32 or 40 litre in the four wheel drive or boat when you finally get that weekend off fishing with the boys, or the 60 and 80 litre for the long awaited vacation with the family. The choice is yours.

In addition, Engel supply uprights for boats, caravans and campervans, ice boxes and a range of accessories to make using your fridge a breeze. Transit covers, fridge slides, wiring kits, portable battery packs, chargers, dual battery set ups, storage baskets and much more are available.

Check out our website at or call 1300 302 653 for your local retailer, then call in and see for yourself why Engel is regarded as the best you can get.

Engel gear will be on display at all the major caravan and camping shows, most agricultural field days, four wheel drive shows, and many other assorted events around Australia. Keep your eye out for the Engel display and have look at the range available.

New Products

Over the last twelve months Engel Distribution has introduced many new products to its range. The demand for Engel to produce a bigger fridge (obviously to carry bigger fish) has grown. Late last year we introduced our 80 litre fridge-freezer and our 75 litre Combi. The acceptance of these in the marketplace has been phenomenal and the feedback on performance has been sensational.

The single compartment fridge-freezer is ideal for freezing the largest catch and the Combi has a 42 litre fridge and a sealed 33 litre freezer compartment.

There are a couple of features which make the Engel Combi range stand out from the crowd. Firstly the freezer compartment is sealed. This means even when constantly opening the lid of the fridge, the freezer does not lose the cold air. You set the temperature and it remains constant. The second feature is the fan which draws air from the freezer into the fridge. This is controlled by a temperature probe which keeps the fridge temperature constant - similar to your household fridge. Your food in the fridge compartment stays fresh.

Since the introduction a few years ago of the 57 litre Combi, the reports from all around the country have been great.

For those who are looking for an inexpensive cooler to just keep lunch and a few drinks cool (or warm), check out the Engel Thermo range. Two coolers, 8 litre and 18 litre, priced from $99.00 will do the job. These Thermo-electric coolers have been designed to sit in the vehicle or boat and will cool to 20 degrees below ambient temperature or keep your food at a warm 60 degrees. These are a great addition to your premium Engel Portable Fridge-Freezer. Just take your lunch and drinks out of your Engel, pop them in the cooler, drop it on the seat, plug into 12 volt and you have food on the run.

Engel have also increased their range of accessories. Two models of fully automatic floating type battery chargers make it a breeze to charge both standard and deep cycle batteries and battery packs. A 2.5 amp and a 6 amp unit give you a choice for small and large batteries. These are very high quality Australian made chargers and are available from all good Engel Retailers.

If you have ever needed to run you laptop, charge your mobile phone or your electric shaver and wished you had power on the move, Engel has the answer. Engel now produce two power inverters. These units plug into your cigarette lighter or attach to your battery and produce 240 volt. With two sizes available, 150 watt and 350 watt, running your smaller appliances from a 12 volt power source is now an option from Engel.

As with all of our products more information can be found on the Engel Website

or by calling the Customer Service Department on 1300 302 653.


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