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Sometimes when developing and making improvements to a product range, major modifications occur. This happened when Engel released their “F Series” range of fridge-freezers a few years ago. At the time, Peter Rosentreter from Engel said “in over twenty years of selling portable fridge-freezers, I have never seen a better product”.

With low current draw, upgraded finish and interior, inbuilt temperature gauge, tri-voltage with auto selection, and legendary Engel strength and reliability, this model was a beauty.At other times, improvements are not so obvious, but make a big difference when using the fridge. The release of the “Series II” in August this year saw two such changes.

Engel have once again come up trumps by installing an LED light in their 32 and 40 litre fridge-freezer. LED lights use virtually no current, produce almost no heat and have a life span of thousands of hours.In addition to the added light, Engel have connected their temperature gauge to the power supply, instead of using the inbuilt battery when the fridge is running.

The battery in the temp gauge is for back-up only - extending the battery life significantly.Small changes maybe, but changes that will make life easier every time you use your Engel portable fridge-freezer easier. Check them out at your local retailer today.


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