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By Black Widow Vehicle Storage Solutions

Black Widow is proud to announce the release of Escape Gear seat covers which are arguably the best-manufactured seat covers on the market today.


100% cotton canvas with a weight of 510gm. Cotton canvas is a natural fibre so these covers can breathe. Being a natural fibre, there is no build up of static electricity as there is with synthetic fibres. This particular cotton canvas is sent away regularly for independent testing, including for colour fastness, abrasion resistance, light and weathering fastness and burst strength.


All seams are over locked to prevent fraying and to provide maximum strength. Each set of seat covers is manufactured from the same roll of fabric to ensure perfect colour continuity. A two-year warranty is provided on material quality and workmanship.

Used in the harsh Australian outback and for commercial applications, the Escape Gear seat covers have passed with flying colours.

All seat covers are designed to fit SRS (supplemental restraint system) seats and are fitted with deployment flaps to allow full deployment of your airbag.


With these seat covers, all you need to do is wipe them with a damp cloth or hand wash in cool water with soft soap. Hang them in the shade to partially dry. Refit your covers before they are completely dry. Leave vehicle in the sun with open doors to dry completely.


All seat covers to suit seats with a head rest will also have the head rest cover included and, in most cases, will also include any arm rests if applicable.


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