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Evinrude Celebrates 100 Years

Evinrude Celebrates 100 Years By Alex Julius It’s hard to imagine that it’s now 100 years since the invention of the first commercialised outboard engines by Ralph Evinrude and his father Ole. When I read about Evinrude’s centenerary of commercial outboard manufacture, it sent me digging into the archives for a photo of my first Evinrude, a second-hand 18 hp model which powered an old 4.0m tinnie that a mate and I bought together back in 1972. For me, it replaced a little fibreglass car-topper powered by 3.6hp Chrysler which was an absolute dud. In my circle of fishing mates at the time, Evinrude was the undisputed leader in reliability, not surprising since it’d been at it for 64 years even back then. By golly we had some fun with that rig back then, and there were plenty of photos of it published in early Australian Angler magazines, the forerunner to Fishing World. Today, the Evinrude brand seems to be writing its own history. In a marine world dominated by Japanese 4-stroke engines, the Evinrude E-TEC two-strokes have been taking on the opposition on the very same three positive initiatives that thrust 4-strokes to market-leading dominance in the first place: 1. Fuel Efficiency Compared to 4-strokes, 2-stroke outboards are notorious fuel guzzlers. But that is not only not the case with E-TECs; at idle and trolling speeds, they are the best in their class. And just like 4-strokes, they are extremely economical at mid-range throttle settings. At 4000 rpm, my own 200 V6 E-TEC uses less than 30 L/h pushing a 2.5 tonnes Ocean Master Twister at up to 40 kph, which is quite amazing. 2. Emission Outputs Who would ever have thought that a 2-stroke outboard engine range would meet the most-stringent emission regulations for outboards, and be the only engine to win the EPA Clean Air Excellence Award? 3. Engine Noise Lower engine noise is another traditional advantage that 4-strokes have had over 2-strokes, but once again the exception is E-TEC. This is achieved by full-length acoustical foam-lined lower engine covers, as well as idle air bypass circuit, acoustically-tuned air intake and exhaust silencers. Let’s examine what else E-TEC engines have to offer the discerning boater: 1. Power-to-weight Ratio With the instant throttle response and top end speed of a lighter, quieter engine and the durability of a sturdy, robust design, Evinrude E-TEC engines give the power and responsiveness every boater craves. There can be no better example of this than the results of the 2007/2008 Australian Powerboat Championships in the Super Vee Lite class. With 4 wins and a 2nd from 5 races, the Grumpy Mongrel team and its Evinrude E-TEC 250 HO has an unbeatable points lead in the series, and it has broken the record with each of its wins. The last round was held on Sydney Harbour right in front of the Opera House to the cheers of the largest crowd seen for a powerboat race in the country. 2. Low Maintenance Technology No dealer-scheduled maintenance for three years of normal recreational use or 300 hours is a benefit that translates straight to wallet in the back pocket. 3. I-Command Digital Now available across the entire E-TEC range, and standard with all 2008 V4 and V6 engines, I-Command Digital gives you everything you want or need to know, such as fuel economy, GPS speed, and engine performance. It is an instrument system that lets the engine and boat communicate with you, and it can be fully customised and expanded to the boater’s needs. The I-Command Digital 3” Gauge Kit has the functionality to display the following NMEA 2000 data: GPS speed, tachometer, battery voltage, alternator voltage, engine temperature, fuel level (up to three tanks), atmospheric pressure, engine temperature, engine loads, engine hours, fuel flow, fuel economy, fuel remaining, fuel used, fuel range, trip fuel used, engine synchronizer, engine trim position, GPS position, and engine alarms and warnings. New E-TEC Models in 2008 • 40-60hp 2-Cylinder • 9 New Models • Tiller /Electrics • Saltwater / Pontoon • Commercial • Military • 75-90hp 3-Cylinder • 3 New Models • Saltwater / Pontoon • Commercial • 115hp V-4 • 2 New Models • Counter Rotation • Multi-Species • 150-200hp V-6 60° • 2 New Models • Bay / Flats • Multi-Species • 200-250hp V-6 90° • 2 New Models • Skinny Water • Bay / Flats E-TEC 300 BRP's newest addition is the range of 300hp models. With the new SLE Magnum gearcase, it offers the unique combination of industry-leading innovation, performance, and ease-of-use that all Evinrude E-TEC engines provide for boaters who seek a premium power of choice. With 3.4 L of displacement, the engine offers more torque, low-end power and top speed than other similar competitive two and four stroke outboard engines. This additional power allows boaters to plane heavy loads, pull skiers, wake boarders or tubers better than ever before. Additional torque is particularly beneficial for boating in high altitude areas and in hot climates. The Evinrude E-TEC 300-hp wraps a big block two-stroke direct injection power plant in a compact, lightweight design that provides exceptional performance. An amazing high power to low weight ratio provides a host of advantages, including greater fuel efficiency, less draft for improved boat handling, faster boat planing, and less stress on the structural integrity of the boat transom. Two of the biggest benefits of the unique Evinrude E-TEC technology are increased fuel economy and extended boating range. Performance testing has shown that the new 300-hp engine can deliver as much as 35-40 percent improvement in fuel economy and 50 percent improvement in oil consumption when compared to traditional electronic fuel injection (EFI) models. The 300-hp Evinrude E-TEC includes an all-new SLE Magnum high performance gearcase – the most durable V-6 gearcase BRP has ever made. Its hydrodynamic design increases speed and engine efficiency while providing superior control. A computer designed leading edge reduces the chance of weeds wrapping around the housing that could compromise cooling and performance. Secondary water inlets, located at the nose of the gearcase housing, provide improved cooling over a wider range of conditions. An innovative forward gear and bearing design increases strength and durability while movement and wear are greatly reduced with a new propshaft bearing carrier. Join The Club Each year, BRP Australia invites its dealers and industry media representatives to Club E-TEC on the Gold Coast. It’s a well-oiled mini-expo of the latest E-TEC engines, fitted to various fibreglass and aluminium boats. Late last year I had the opportunity to spend a day belting around in high-performance boats and taking some of the photos appearing on these pages.


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