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Fin-Nor Biscayne Lever Drag Reel Fin-Nor has released its much-anticipated Biscayne Lever Drag reel series. These durable and versatile reels are suitable for everything up to medium-line-class game fish, including small marlin, plus sailfish, various tuna and trevally species, mahi mahi, kingfish, Spanish mackerel and wahoo. Biscayne Lever Drag reels are ideal for trolling skirted or diving lures, live or dead baits, and can be used to bottom-fish reefs. Land-based game fishers competent in casting big conventional reels will appreciate the line capacity and the lever drag’s free-spool capabilities. Biscayne’s latest-technology, heavy-duty, carbon-fibre drag system maintains consistent reliable pressure under the hottest of fish runs. The big extra-hard gears, strong graphite frame and aluminium spool ensure a long working life for each reel. The FBLD20 holds 420m of 30lb monofilament and the FBLD25 holds 320m of 50lb mono. Both sizes have a four-ball-bearing system and a 4.1:1 gear ratio.


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