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Fin-Nor Marquesa Two Speed Reels

The Fin-Nor Marquesa Two-Speed lever drag reel range has been expanded to include new 40 and 50 size models, adding to this already impressive range which won the Best New Multiplier Reel category at the 2011 EFFTEX Awards.

The new Marquesa Two-Speed 40 and 50 sizes are available in either an open-spool design or T-top models. The refined Marquesa feel, disguises the strength of the components. They feature fully-machined, anodised one-piece aluminium frames and side-plate. The stainless steel drive and pinion gears are oversized for added strength and the infinite anti-reverse is backed up with a double ratchet design. The stainless steel ball bearings and centre shaft are all oversized. The 40T-II and 50T-II T-top models come with removable harness lugs.

Stand-up anglers will applaud the combination of low overall weight, strong drag power and large braided line capacities. The drag comprises the same advanced carbon fibre materials found in the Fin-Nor Santiago game reels, allowing the new Marquesa reels to fight above their weight. This power combines nicely with finesse to offer practical attributes such as the reels still achieving free-spool with the strike drag set at 25lb (11.4kg). The full maximum drag capability is approximately 50lb (22kg).

The Marquesa Two-Speed gear mechanism is clever, operating with a simple push button to shift gears and a twist ring to release. The two gear speeds, 5.2:1 and 2.8:1, cater to myriad fishing styles, as do the generous line capacities, with the MA40-II and MA40T-II holding 440yd/30lb of monofilament or 700yd/65lb of braid; and the MA50II and MA50T-II taking a massive 470yd/40lb of mono or 1000yd/65lb braid.


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