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Fish Candy Jack Hammer Vibes

The Fish Candy Jack Hammer Vibes have been developed to satisfy a wide range of fisherman that love to use both vibes and those that love soft plastic paddle-tail style lures.  By combining attributes of both into one lure, you now have the best of both worlds.  They swim on the drop and display a vigorous vibrating action, on the lift.  To expand Fish Candy Jack Hammer Vibes appeal even further, each lure can also be easily customised with the addition of interchangeable parts such as; glow sticks, rattles and scent sticks. There is a great debate whether fish prefer noisy or silent lures, so now you can employ both options with the same lure.  Similarly, the glow-stick and scent stick provides anglers additional ways to enhance his chances of catching fish, no matter what their mood. To ensure Fish Candy lures “hold on” they come rigged with Decoy Y-W77 hooks so they can be fished with confidence, straight out of the packet. Durability is further maximised by the internal wire cable and crimp connection rated at a breaking strain of 30kg plus. Flexible, lifelike lure bodies are made from a tough10X strong material that is soft, ultra stretchy and abrasive resistant and fitted with internally foiled lead inserts to give each lure extra flash.  So whether you are fishing for barramundi, jewfish, mangrove jack, threadfin salmon or offshore fish species, there is a Jack Hammer Vibe that may provide the answer you have been looking for.


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