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Simrad introduces touch-screen NSS Sport series

Simrad Yachting has expanded its class-leading NS range of multifunction displays with the introduction of the touch-screen NSS Sport series. Based on the highly-acclaimed Simrad NSE platform and developed with ease-of-use in mind for fishing, sailing and cruising, the feature-packed NSS Sport offers the combination of touch-screen, keypad, and rotary knob control to allow users to remain in complete control.

The touch-screen is perfect for quickly placing waypoints, marking fish, and acquiring radar targets. The rotary knob is the most effective way of controlling proportional functions such as zooming on a chart, adjusting gain, steering the autopilot, or even cranking up the tunes on Simrad’s SonicHub stereo system.

Powered by a rugged marine processor for high-level performance, the NSS Sport is available in three display sizes — NSS7 (16.3cm), NSS8 (21.3cm) and NSS12 (30.5cm). Each model incorporates Simrad’s ultra-clear, sunlight-viewable and energy-efficient LED backlighting technology along with an internal GPS antenna. The NSS7 and NSS8 also have built-in Broadband Sounder technology, while the NSS12 lends itself to simple integration with Simrad’s BSM-2 module to penetrate the deepest waters on the planet.

Pre-loaded with Navionics Coastal Cartography, the NSS Sport is compatible with a huge range of options including the award-winning Broadband Radar, StructureScan, SonicHub, integrated autopilots and can also be networked with multiple Simrad displays throughout the vessel. The Simrad NSS Sport series are now available in Australia. RRP starts at AU$1999 for the NSS7 and rounds out at AU$3999 for the NSS12. Simrad BSM-2 available in Australia Delivering the most detailed mid-water definition and penetrating the deepest waters on the planet, the Simrad BSM-2 Broadband Sounder™ module is now available in Australia.

Designed with serious sportfishing anglers and dedicated commercial fisherman in mind, for use with Simrad Yachting’s NSE, NSO and NSS multifunction displays, the new sonar module delivers five times greater target resolution than comparable offshore performance sounders, with readings possible for depths greater than 3000m (10,000ft).

Further developing the groundbreaking BSM-1 Sounder technology, the Simrad BSM-2 provides enhanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP), similar to the BR24 solid-state radar, and is the first sonar to incorporate Frequency Sweeping Pulse Compression technology — also known as ‘CHIRP’ — in a recreational application; producing higher resolution, deeper depths and less noise.

The BSM-2 coupled with the new Airmar Broadband transducer lineup, provides digitally-purified, crystal-clear images of individual fish markings and clear separation of fish from other targets, structure, thermoclines and the bottom — in both shallow and ultra-deep water.

Solving the issue of high-performance, high-powered sonar producing noise and interference, the BSM-2’s CHIRP function uses longer pulses resulting in improved object discrimination at greater depths for remarkable elimination of surface and turbulent water clutter as well as interference within the water column, resulting in an easier-to-interpret image. The enhanced Simrad CHIRP technology also outperforms traditional 3kW sounders, returning highly-detailed images of drop-offs, deep-canyon bottoms, other structure and fish while maintaining bottom lock even at high speeds.

The Simrad BSM-2 features dual transceivers, two depth transducer ports and supports independent speed and dual temperature sensors. The BSM-2’s low-frequency transceiver operates at 25-45kHz and 40-60kHz; the high-frequency transceiver supports 40-60kHz, and 130-210 kHz. The new sonar module is compatible with a wide range of Airmar transducers, including Broadband transducers, BSM-1 narrowband, and Simrad Combi-C models with frequencies of 28/38/50/200Khz.

Housed in a die-cast aluminum waterproof black box, the BSM-2 is easy-to-install, mounts anywhere and is plug-and-play compatible with NSE/NSO/NSS multifunction systems via high-speed Ethernet connection. Compatible with 12V or 24V DC power systems, the module is water-resistant to the IPx6 standard and is covered by a two-year warranty. RRP for the Simrad BSM-2 module is AU$3735.

SPOTLIGHT ON THE SIMRAD NSS7 The Simrad NSS7 is a 16.3cm touchscreen chartplotter/multifunction display for recreational boaters who require a reliable, high-quality, fully integrated, navigation platform. This amazing multifunction unit also has an Echosounder and GPS, with full SimNet/NMEA 2000® network compatibility.

SO EASY TO USE Simple menus and icons on the touch-screen guide you to the information you need, and the keypad includes ‘one-touch’ buttons for immediate access to important functions such as the autopilot. It’s easy to use for everyone onboard.

TOUCH SENSIBLETM TECHNOLOGY Developed specifically for the marine environment, Touch SensibleTM technology is the combination of touch-screen, keypad, and super-smooth rotary controller. This perfect blend allows the Simrad NSS7 to deliver unrivalled performance of every function with the simple touch of a finger in any sea state.

POWERFULLY FAST CHARTING The Simrad NSS7 is a fast and efficient chartplotter. Panning the charts, marking waypoints, or building routes are easy with the touch-screen, whilst the smooth rotary controller enables ultra-fast zooming. The NSS7 comes with built in Navionics Silver cartography.

EXPANDABLE The Simrad NSS7 is 100% compatible and networks effortlessly with every Simrad Yachting Performance Module including the award-winning Broadband RadarTM, StructureScanTM and SonicHubTM. It can also be integrated with NSE and NSO systems for the ultimate in flexibility.

FULL CONTROL AND INTEGRATION Not only is the Simrad NSS7 an outstanding chartplotter and fish finder, it’s a complete command centre. Monitor your engine, steer your autopilot, turn on your bait well or bilge pump, or even set mood lighting — it’s all a touch simpler with the Simrad NSS7.

BRIGHT SCREENS Unique LED backlighting technology allows the Simrad NSS7 display to be bright, clear, and highly visible in every conceivable condition. Added to this, the technology also reduces power consumption and increases product life.

Further information: Navico Australia — (02) 9936 1000 or visit: Navico is currently the world’s largest marine electronics company, and is the parent company to leading marine electronics brands: Lowrance, Simrad and B&G. Navico has approximately 1,500 employees globally and distribution in more than 100 countries worldwide.


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