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G.Loomis Crosscurrent Fly Rods

For as long as I can remember, G.Loomis has been at the forefront of fly rod design and materials and their saltwater range has always been cutting edge. Loomis's current saltwater fly range is called the crosscurrent series and within are three separate categories with a range of models in each. There are two graphite levels on offer in the series including the world leading GLX material and also a standard crosscurrent material, which is a blend of graphites and is very easy to cast and of extremely good value for money.

At the top of this list are the nine foot long four piece GLX fly rods including rod weights six through to twelve. These fly rods set the bench mark for all saltwater fly rods and simply outstanding fly casting and fighting tools. From here, the range then steps down to the standard crosscurrent graphite range and in nine foot lengths, these rods are also available in weights from six through to twelve and all the standard crosscurrent rods are three pieces rather than four. There are also three nine foot, nine inch versions in weights eight, nine and ten that make exceptional flats rods with their extra length. Longer rods aid in longer casts and line control and also help elevate the tip and line which is very useful when wading. There are two additional rods in the standard crosscurrent range which include an eight foot nine weight that is designed for very tight work in closed in confines and also my favorite; an eight foot three inch fifteen weight which is by far the most powerful fly rod I have ever used and comparable to other companies seventeen to twenty weights! At last, a rod company has made a fly rod that is built tough and to last long fights on game boats. The fifteen weight is fitted with a fighting grip and a one piece full alloy reel seat and gimbal butt configuration that is essential on heavy fly rod fights. I can dead lift eight kilos through the fifteen weight keeping the butt section of the rod at ninety degrees to the fly line, which is staggering!

Along with the nine foot range and two shorter rods, the standard crosscurrent range also includes a range of specialist nine foot boat rods that are all one piece. These rods are available in weights eight, nine, ten and twelve and are simply outstanding to cast with their ferrulless actions and extremely light weight. In fact, these rods in a standard graphite material are comparable to the GLX range obviously making them fantastic value for money fly rods with a beautifully true action. The GLX fly rods and blue water fifteen weight come with Loomis’s revolutionary titanium guides that are not only totally flexible, but extraordinarily light with a large inside diameter to aid casting distance and ease of shooting line.

As a rod design, the crosscurrent series make perfect saltwater fly rods. They are extremely easy to cast, (much more so than their Mega cousins of the past) yet they are incredibly powerful where it counts- in the butt and mid sections of the rod. I find the crosscurrent range to be very easy to teach novice casters with yet they suit advanced casters perfectly with their fast and smooth tapers. G.Loomis crosscurrent fly rods are in my opinion the best saltwater fly rods in the world and they are my first choice when I'm casting at bream or marlin!

By Micah Adams


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