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A leader in land-based and marine communications equipment, emergency signalling beacons and television signalling equipment, GME has recently invested in a new, purpose-built head office complex in north-western Sydney. This exciting development marks the company’s dedication to staying local – a unique attitude in the face of industry trends to outsource manufacturing to offshore destinations. GME’s new, state-of-the-art Winston Hills facility will enable the privately owned Australian company to grow its already considerable share of the radio communications market. The new headquarters houses the industry’s latest in 10-head surface mount machines, and an impressive range of world-class machinery – ensuring unrivalled quality and cost competitiveness. GME’s general manager sales and marketing, Peter Langbart said: “We maintain our investment in technology and as customer’s needs change, we design radio communication products that continue the tradition of exceptional performance, innovative features and value for money.” GME’s significant investment in the Winston Hills headquarters comes at a time when rival Australian and international companies are outsourcing their production overseas. By keeping the bulk of GME production in Australia, stringent quality controls are preserved, particularly important when manufacturing vital safety-critical products like EPIRB and PLB emergency beacons and commercial radio products. The move to Winston Hills unites GME’s manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing departments, including an expanded Research and Development department. The complex will house GME’s dynamic workforce, which includes design engineers, factory assemblers and test technicians, in addition to the sales and customer-service teams.


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