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GME Sound Safe


Today most of us appear to be inseparable from our mobile phone, iPod or MP3 player. We literally want to take them everywhere  we go, whether  it’s to the beach, the rainforest, the building site or even white water rafting. Of course, our greatest fear is that we’ll get it wet, drop it overboard or ruin it with sand or dust. Well, worry no more! GME has the perfect solution for such challenging situations. The GME Sound Safe is a robust, buoyant, waterproof case with an integrated amplifier and speaker which quickly connects to any media player 3.5mm headphone socket via an internal cable. So no matter if it’s work, rest or play, your device is fully protected from the external environment.

Virtually any personal media player, cell phone, including the recently released iPhone 5, fits securely within the  Sound Safe’s watertight  housing. In fact, the Sound Safe remains buoyant with a payload of up to an impressive 230g. A carabiner clip is also provided for additional security. According to GME, the Sound Safe delivers exceptional audio performance and the design of the housing enhances the bass response of the media player without any compromise of top end quality. It is also uses minimal power, by utilising an efficient Class D amplifier – Sound Safe can deliver up to 30 hours of entertainment from a set of 3 AA batteries.

The GME Sound Safe is offered in three eye-catching colours: safety yellow, jet black or classic white.


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