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Shimano has introduced a travel version of its popular Zodias Rod range. In keeping with the one-piece models the travel series also feature the same carbon monocoque butt for the ultimate sensitivity and finesse. The Zodias travel series come with Hi Power X Blanks and Fuji Stainless Steel K Guides with Alconite + SiC Tip Inserts and CI4+ reel seats. Hi Power X blanks lie at the heart of these rods and the X-shape infinity carbon tape that spirals around the rod prevents the blank from twisting when casting or fighting a fish. Hi Power X construction delivers crisp responsive rods into the hands of anglers and now also caters for fishers that require multi-section rod options.

Available in both baitcast and spin versions they have either 4 or 5 sections depending on the model for the utmost in compactness and convenience for most discerning travelling anglers.


The Bantam Ligen 66F boasts three distinct actions that are sure to entice even the most elusive fish. Whether you prefer the classic walking-the-dog technique, the energetic popping action, or the captivating diving motion, this pencil popper has got you covered.

While all actions deliver excellent results, it is the diving action that truly takes centre stage. By simply lowering the rod tip and giving it a few bounces, the popper effortlessly dives beneath the water’s surface, moving tantalisingly from side to side.

Anglers will be delighted to discover that many bites occur precisely as the lure resurfaces from this captivating dive. Innovative Flash Boost emits sparkling flashes while Scale Boost replicates real baitfish scales making the Ligen irresistible to a variety of fish species. The Shimano Ligen is 66mm in length, weighs 5 grams and is available in 8 colours.


Ever popular with anglers for its fish catching abilities and convenience of having an integrated weight and heavy-duty hook, Shimano has recently introduced an expanded Slick Rig range featuring new colours to provide anglers with even more choices to match a Squidgy Slick Rig to their local fish species and fishing situations. Slick rigs are a versatile lure which can be cast and retrieved, trolled or jigged vertically for successful results. Squidgy Slick rigs can be converted to a weedless presentation by removing the internal weight and retrofitting with an offset worm hook.

Available in 4 sizes 65, 80, 100 and 130mm covering predatory fish from trout to barra and more. Be sure to check the latest Shimano catalogue to ascertain colours that are applicable for each size.



The new Flats Rat Pro is a one-piece integrated bib mould design which incorporates all the features of the earlier Flatz Rat 2. The new model is available in 5 new ghost colours in addition to 5 of its other most proven fish catchers.

Length 75mm, Weight 11 grams, Diving Depth 3 Metres/10 feet.


The Redington Path fly rod is a smooth-casting, medium-fast action graphite fly rod, offering classic performance for all levels of anglers. Rods 6 weight and below have a half-wells handle with a wood reel seat for a classic look and feel, and 7 weights and above feature a full wells grip with anodised aluminium reel seat that is ready for salt or fresh water conditions. Available in 4,5,6 and 8 weight versions. All rods have alignment dots for easy rod setup plus a Lifetime Warranty.

The Path 2 combo includes: Path rod and Redington Crosswater reel pre-spooled with a Rio mainstream weight forward fly line plus a Cordura rod tube.


Born of the performance of our renowned THERMO big game bluewater reels, the Sage ENFORCER has been updated and fine-tuned for the power, reliability, and durability needs of the saltwater flats angler.

Designed with peak performance in mind, the ENFORCER offers everything the flats angler needs in a reel, whether taming the explosive runs of double-digit Bonefish or putting the brakes on the freight train pull of triple-digit tarpon. Simply put, this is the ultimate saltwater reel for flats and heavy-duty fly-fishing applications. But battles on the flats are exercises in nuance and chaos, so they’ve beefed up the O-rings and drag plates for added durability, consistency, and reliability.

Maximum drag has been increased by 50% over the ENFORCER’s predecessor, the SPECTRUM MAX; you’ll find eight pounds at the arbor in the 7/8 size, 15 pounds in the 9/10 size, and 17 pounds at the arbor in the 11/12 size.

For saltwater anglers fishing heavy tippets who don’t want to let fish run continuously—or who care enough about their fingers to avoid palming fast spinning spools—this increased drag allows them to get most out of their reel without sacrificing any metacarpals.


This durable shoe is engineered for all kinds of nasty conditions. Full neoprene and rubber upper construction provide durability and comfort.

Grip Wet Traction: Huk’s non-slip outsole tread pattern gives a lockdown grip on wet and slippery surfaces. Each lug is engineered to grab in all directions while the micro-channel openings allow water to escape.

Waterproof: rubber and neoprene shoes with a thick 8mm moulded EVA footbed will keep your feet dry no matter how nasty the weather gets.

Functional: The commercial grade reinforced webbing pull-straps help you get these fishing boots on in both wet and dry conditions.Available in 2 colours.



Reidy’s B52 range of lures need no introduction: they have been a popular barramundi lure for many years. Two new colours have been added to the already extensive range, namely: Dazza and EScat. Both colours have also been included to the “Judge” lure colour list.


Reidy’s lures are a local Darwin-based company who supply the Akame range of soft plastic Lures. The Guppy is a weedless paddle tail soft plastic minnow lure that features a segmented tail reinforced by a Kevlar weave to enhance durability while allowing maximum freedom of movement.

We covered the Akame Guppy 120 in NAFA 42 and following on from that a smaller 85mm model is now available. Like the larger 120 size, each single lure is packaged with a heavy-duty weighted VMC worm hook.

In addition, three new colours have been added to the existing 11 colours previously available. A larger 150mm size with a full range of colours is arriving soon. It is recommended that these baits are not mixed with other types of soft plastic lures.


Simrad , has released the new 1.5 software update to its latest multifunction display (MFD) NSX, which introduces a variety of new features. The update includes all-new sonar sharing, fully integrated Mercury interface and control, C-MAP X-Chart Manager and X-Chart Store, as well as compatibility with a range of third-party charting options.

With the update’s new sonar sharing feature, anglers can share their sonar across multiple onboard Simrad NSX displays for additional views. The enhanced NSX also provides full integration with Mercury engines, featuring connectivity to autopilot, cruise control, troll control and active trim via Mercury SmartCraft Connect.

Additionally, the new C-MAP X-Chart Manager and X-Chart Store have been introduced, allowing users to purchase, update, upgrade and download C-MAP charts directly to their chartplotter. The update will now allow compatibility with select third party chart options. A huge value to boaters, all C-MAP cartography is automatically available online, on the Simrad Companion app and NSX – all users need is their one single sign-on.

NSX provides ultimate integration, connecting boaters to more tools and Simrad technologies like the latest HALO radars. Simrad NSX is available in 7-, 9- and 12-inch display sizes.


The Duo BooStar Wake is a refreshing contribution to soft swimbait creations. It glides through the water in a soft, straight and natural rocking posture. The BooStar Wake’s natural baitfish movement turns fussy feeders into lure smashers. One of the keys to the BooStar Wake’s success is its ability to swim at an incredibly slow speed and that the tail starts working with the slightest of forward movements.

The lure has top and bottom hooking channels for rigging versatility. You can rig the BooStar Wake on a standard jighead, rig it on a weighted or unweighted worm hook or use a flash rig. The rigging options are many and varied and allow anglers to fish the BooStar Wake in the thick of the weed, off the points in lakes, over sand flats in the estuaries and into the thickest of snags.

Available in 3.5 and 5 inch sizes, with a choice of 10 colours.


The McArthy Baits McRinger 6” is a streamlined curl tail with features that set it above its peers.

The body of the McRinger has deep ribbing to give the plastic a dynamic underwater acoustic profile that appeals to just about every fish in Australia while the long and large curl tail wafts and waves at the slightest of movements.

The streamlined body of the McRinger will make this lure ideal for deeper water when currents are flowing hard as it will slice through the water easily, yet still provide an insane tail action and a large profile for species such as flathead, barra, mulloway, fingermark and even Murray cod.

Available in 6 colours, these hand poured plastics will add a very important large plastic to your range for probing deep water or fishing light and shallow for larger fish.


Fathom combines the latest lithium-ion technology with premium components to deliver a completely integrated power management system. Receive long-lasting, reliable power, and the ability to visualize and manage your usage with ease. This integrated system based on Lithium Batteries as the power source operating at 48-volts to extend the time away from charging sources and remove one internal combustion engine from the boat.

An intuitive display provides real-time readouts for battery status and power consumption, as well as alerts and guides for more efficient usage and charging.

The Fathom system eliminates the noise, fumes and hassles of a generator while delivering improved capacity and capabilities for power sources.

The Fathom system is adaptable to fit virtually any vessel or vehicle.

A growing trend in recreational boat systems uses high-capacity electric systems to power all the house loads including air-conditioning without using an onboard generator.

Fathom users have full control to customize features to suit their needs and preferences. The intuitive technology allows them to customize their experience through energy tracking and charging capabilities.


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