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Good Gear: BARRA X PRO

The Barra X Pro lure from Zerek Innovations has been built with extra strength to target species such as mulloway, barramundi and Murray cod.

The Barra X Pro also has a magnetic cast system that gives the lure incredible casting distance and accuracy as well as a unique underwater sonic signature when retrieved.

Barra X Pro has a square bib that produces a unique darting/swimming action. These lures are fitted with heavy-duty hooks and rings. The Barra X Pro is a floating shallow running minnow that dives between 0.8 m and 1.2m. NAFA staff have used the 100mm size extensively and landed plenty of barra on them up to a metre without incurring any structural issues. The Barra X Pro comes in 100mm, 120mm and 170mm lengths. Ten colours have been specifically developed for the Barra X Pro including natural, holographic and attractor designs.


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