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The new Fins Evolve braid is constructed from a next generation Hybrid Fibre Concept (HFC) which has been formulated and designed for tough Australian conditions. State of the art fibres are combined to provide maximum casting distance and ultra smooth presentations while exhibiting all the toughness and reliability that you come to expect from FINS lines. Ultra-thin diameters combine with silky smooth outer coatings to provide the softest and most-efficient casting line on the market. The round profile suits both spin and baitcasting reels and is available in hi-vis chartreuse for easy visibility in all conditions. It is available in breaking strains from 5 to 65 pounds on 150 and 300 yard spools. Bulk spools are also available in all but 5 and 10 pound ratings. Note: NAFA staff have been using FINS Evolve for a number of months now and found it to be most satisfactory. FINS Evolve is a smooth-handling line with good knot strength and free from bugbears such as wind knots and casting tangles.


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