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GOOD GEAR: Fish Inc. Lures – Prop

The latest addition to the Tackle Tactics stable of brands is Fish Inc. Lures.

They have a range of stickbaits and poppers that feature quality finishes, durable construction and come fitted with genuine, heavy duty Owner trebles.  The Prop is a 140mm, 62g sinking stickbait that casts like a bullet, tracks well at speed when worked on the surface or can be allowed to sink to the desired depth and retrieved with short strokes or a sweep of the rod tip to vary the action of the lure. This versatile size stickbait has already produced a range of species, including mackerel, trevally, tailor, dolphinfish, tuna and more. The addition of a spinning blade on the centre hook attachment point creates additional flash and vibration, both on the drop and when retrieved, that draws fish and attracts strikes. The Prop is available in 4 colours, Natural Sardine, Bronze Mullet, Pink Shiner (Lumo) and Dorri,with a RRP of $33.95.


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