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The myCOOLMAN range has something for everyone: from ‘The Compact Model’ (36L) all the way through to ‘The Fisherman’ (105L), these advanced fridges cater for the casual weekend away with family or friends, the truckie or tradie on the move as well as the serious adventurer. To create this unique range, myCOOLMAN has drawn upon decades of portable refrigeration know-how and created its own myCOOLMAN blue compressor whichis one of the lightest on the market, thus making these fridge/freezers overall some of the lightest in the field.

MyCOOLMAN portable fridge/freezers are packed with the very best features everyone knows and loves, and then some. Take the flush mounted handles, for example. We bet none of you have ever paid attention to a fridge handle until now! Well what myCOOLMAN has done is recessed them into the body of the fridge. So what does that mean? It means you get that little bit more precious packing space when playing boot Tetris; it means you will never damage or break them because they are not sticking out; it means that, because they are mounted at the very top, you can lift the fridge with your legs and not be completely bent over trying to reach handles in the middle and hurting your back in the process.Bluetooth? Every fridge in the range can be fully controlled from the palm of your hand using the super-easy myCOOLMAN app. Change the temperature and monitor the battery without having to rely on a Wi-Fi signal. There are just so many inclusions with these units: multifunctional lids that change direction without the need for tools, divided multi-level storage, Bluetooth connectivity, battery protection, patented compressor, digital display, upright storage space, power at BOTH ends, dual climate zones, recessed handles, built-in bottle openers (no trying to open your beer with a teaspoon any more), an internal light… Phew, that’s a whole lot of features and they are only the main ones! There’s no arguing that myCOOLMAN portable fridge/freezers truly are fully loaded. You can check them out and learn more online Also make sure you pop over to the Facebook and Instagram pages and give them a thumbs up and a follow to see their latest adventures.


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