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SHIMANO SUSTAIN FJ The 2021 Sustain series of spin reels is one of the strongest in the Magnum Lite range. Re-engineered from top to bottom, the new Sustain series features a range of upgrades to

improve its finesse and on water performance. This model incorporates a MGL rotor to create a start-up which allows the angler to wind faster and set the hooks quicker. Combining the MGL Rotor with the Hagane body produces a light, yet strong reel that can handle big saltwater battles. It is lighter than its predecessor and the Sustain now features a Long Stroke Spool to provide anglers with improved casting distance. MicroModule II gearing is combined with Shimano’s cold forged Hagane Gear and Silent Drive technologies — for smoother reeling performance. The matte black finish with gold trim and 8+1 ball bearings is sure to impress all anglers and the featured upgrades will keep turning the heads of hard fighting fish. RRP FROM $449.00. SHIMANO RAIDER The iconic Raider series — Shimano’s most comprehensive rod range — has continuously lifted the benchmark for performance and value.

The latest line-up has been upgraded to 30T graphite blanks for improved strength and a responsive, lightweight, and crisp feel. Additionally, the guides have been upgraded to Fuji’s single-foot FazLite K guides for further weight reduction and better casting performance. The Raider range is fitted with custom Shimano reel seats, a mix of split and full-length custom cork grips and eye-catching cosmetics. The latest Raider line-up covers 35 models from bream to beach, along with a new kids Junior range, Dash range, Flats Spin and Swimbait models. RRP FROM $139.00. SPEEDMASTER GAME ROD

The new Speedmaster game series utilises Shimano’s strong and lightweight TC4 blank technology to deliver a dependable tournament game fishing and deep drop line-up. Quality Fuji SiC guides with an AFTCO Roller Tip provide control and preserves the performance of your line during the fight and ensures you keep the upper hand against whatever you may hook. To guarantee your favourite Shimano game reel fits perfectly to the rod, an aluminium Pac Bay reel seat and channel lock butt is used for the ultimate in strength and durability. This is especially important as the strength and rigidity of your outfit will be upheld when under fighting load. Tested on some of Australia’s hardest fighting game fish, the Speedmaster Game series covers 5 models across 15-, 24- and 37kg line classes for trolling and livebaiting, including a dedicated 7’ 24kg land-based game (LBG) rod and a 5’6” PE 8-10 deep drop rod. RRP FROM $449.00. SHIMANO LANDING NETS

Shimano’s brand-new landing nets with nylon mesh are built on a sturdy heavy duty alloy frame and, with four models in the range, there is an option for all favourite species across the country.

The new grip design features long PVC handles for more ergonomic use, and most importantly the knotless coated nylon mesh is super durable and friendly on fish protective slime. The wide mesh design is easy to pull through the water when netting a fish and the honeycomb mesh pattern makes it easier to free your lures or hooks if fouled up.

Designed to suit anglers of all levels, whether fishing for bream and bass in the kayak, dhufish on the western reefs, or the mighty Murray cod and barramundi in Australia’s vast impoundments.

RRP from $59.99 to $99.99 depending on size.


The 2021 Nasci series sets the benchmark for affordable, quality spinning reels. Now incorporating a range of upgrades at a great price means you can step up your fishing game and gear quality for less. The cold-forged Hagane Gear technology provides unparalleled gear durability and Silent Drive which is the same technology found in Shimano’s Stella range now features in the Nasci. This makes it smoother due to finer gear tolerances, reduces vibration and improves the longevity of the reel. Suitable in both freshwater and inshore saltwater environments, Nasci spinning reels feature CoreProtect water repellent technology which increases durability and water resistance without creating a heavy winding feeling. The ball bearing count has also been increased to 5+1 and a new screw in handle design has been adopted to compliment the new stunning silver cosmetics. Engineered with Shimano quality and attention to detail, the newly redesigned series of Nasci spinning reels will perform when needed most. SHIMANO BANTAM BT SRAPTOR

The Bantam BT Sraptor is an innovative floating glide-bait that comes with an adjustable tungsten weight system that allows anglers to fine tune the lure’s buoyancy and fall. The Bantam BT Sraptor features an oversized realistic PVC tail section to leave a sonic signature trail in the water and draw bites from big, active fish. The BT Sraptor can be used with a steady retrieve for a side-to-side gliding action or a more aggressive “twitch and pause” technique to get the reaction bite from shutdown predators. The Bantam BT Sraptor’s unique triple connection hinge eliminates torsional mechanical movement to produce consistent action and strength, designed for hard-hitting predators like Murray cod, barramundi, mulloway and XL flathead.

Available in 7 natural and high contrast colours. 182mm | 58g | Spare PVC tail, PVC weight sleeve and tungsten “nail style” chin weight

RRP: $49.99


Conquer the flats with RIO’s Flats Pro tropical saltwater line. This line has a mid-length head and longback taper for smooth, effortless loops, and a weight distribution that provides perfect presentations of just about any fly you are likely to use. Each line is built on RIO’s low-memory DirectCore that is extremely easy to anneal (stretch) and lies perfectly straight on the water, yet retains the stiffness needed to cast in hot conditions. In addition, the line is built with SlickCast—the slickest, most durable coating on the market. There are four different density options available that ensures any angler fishing the flats is covered forall conditions and species.

The options available are: • F — A full floating line. • F/I StealthTip — A full floating line with a 6ft clear intermediate tip (essentially a floating line with a really short, clear tip for the ultimate in stealth). • F/I — A floating line with a 15ft clear intermediate tip, perfect for getting the fly down in deeper flats. • I — A full intermediate sinking tropical saltwater line. The core strength of this line is as follows: • WF6 – WF7 = 30lb (13.6kg) • WF8 – WF9 = 45lb (20.4kg) • WF10 – WF12 = 60lb (27.2kg) TASMANIAN DEVIL DELUXE AUTO/MANUAL LIFE JACKET The Response range of PFDs by Life Jacket Solutions includes the inflatable Tasmanian Devil Deluxe Auto / Manual which are suitable for fishing and boating.

This great product is designed to be comfortable, lightweight and low profile with a neoprene neckline for all day wear. The Tassie Devil model features durable fabric which resists tears and punctures – which is important for anglers and it ¬has the Single Point Indicator¬ Clear ID window¬to quickly identify that the unit is in operational status. In addition to deploying automatically it is also equipped with back-up oral inflation. This model is it is also able to be self-serviced by being able to simply replace the CO2 inflation cartridge. Universal size for 40kg and above wearers.


SPYPOINT LINK-MICRO-LTE CAMERA The LINK-MICRO-LTE from SPYPOINT continues the legacy of the MICRO family, offering an incredible performance and opening the door to the definitive mobile scouting solution, at a price that you can afford. The LINK-MICRO-LTE is a photo-mode only camera, with multi-shot capabilities. All camera settings are managed in the app, where the full complement of advanced scouting tools like enhanced AI species filters, mapping and weather integration can be found. The Link Micro LTE is the world’s best-selling outdoor camera and is still surprising consumers with its ease of use and value. With a retail of around $350, this camera with a built-in sim will send 100 photos free per month to your phone. Features: 10 megapixels, .5-second trigger speed, 80-foot detection and flash range. The LINK-MICRO-LTE takes advantage of the LTE cellular network for improved camera reliability and longevity. Size: 11.2 x 7.9 x 5.6cms The SPYPOINT LINK-MICRO truly represents the next evolution of efficiency and affordability for cellular trail cameras. BOOK REVIEW: WE MUST WALK TOGETHER

Most NAFA readers will know Kim Courtenay for his stories on kayak fishing in Broome and his time at Tipperary Station, Daly River. He wrote for the first issue of NAFA in 1992 and has been a consistent contributor ever since. But apart from fishing and writing about it, Kim’s real job is as a horticulturist. For the last 26 years, he has been a TAFE lecturer in Broome, often working in remote locations across the Kimberley. In this role, he has built unique friendships with traditional Aboriginal elders while pioneering the cultivation of bush foods and teaching practical gardening skills. One of those elders, Merridoo Walbidi, was part of one of the last family groups to emerge from the traditional Aboriginal life in the Great Sandy Desert in the 1960s. Merridoo and Kim’s shared passion

for the environment and growing food, especially bush tucker, has resulted in the recently-released book: We Must Walk Together.

Written in Kim’s easy-to-read style and covering stories from life in the desert to raising crocodiles, it’s already being mooted as a collector’s item. The underlying theme of this uplifting read is a brotherhood between ancient

and modern Australia, presenting new hope in the bush.

We Must Walk Together,

224 pages, full colour — $50 hard cover

Available online at


Navico recently commenced a partnership with the aluminium boat manufacturer Stabicraft®. For model year 2021, across the entire range, Simrad or Lowrance will be offered as factory fitted electronics options. The 1450 Explorer, Frontier and 1550 Fisher models have the newly launched Lowrance Elite FS 7inch Displays with Active Imaging™ Transducer with the option to upgrade to a 9inch display. The 1850 Fisher and 1850 Supercab models will be offered a Simrad NSSevo3s™ 7inch Display, along with Active Imaging Transducer, again with an upgrade option to a 9inch display. All offshore Supercab, Centrecab and Ultracab models will have Simrad NSSevo3s 12 or 16 inch displays along with the option to upgrade with radar, autopilot, engine integration, and new Simrad Command digital switching solutions available on selected models – all factory fitted.

“We’re really excited to partner with Navico and offer our customers a quality, factory-fitted electronics solution with exclusive warranty periods,” said Daniel Upperton — Chief Revenue Officer.

Stabicraft customers will benefit from simplified installation, including vessel certification, along with extended warranty periods on both the product and on-board support ensuring peace of mind when out on the water. “Stabicraft are well-known manufacturers of high-quality aluminium fishing and family boats across the globe,” said Chris Radford, executive Vice President Sales Aus/Nz, Navico. “We are proud to have our feature-rich navigation and fishing systems installed on these vessels, and we are confident this partnership is going to help Stabicraft customers have a more enjoyable and successful time on the water.”


Lowrance®, a world-leader in fishing electronics since 1957, officially unveiled its Lowrance® App this week including a set of new premium features, advanced

functionality and seamless synchronisation with the full range of Lowrance fishfinders and chartplotters.

Right: C-Map App – Weather along route – iPhone.

The Lowrance App is free to download and offers a rich experience that includes free up-to-date and detailed nautical charts from C-MAP®, creation and management of all your personal waypoints, routes and tracks, along with the latest marine weather, important points of interest and much more.

The app allows you to register your Lowrance device(s) ensuring you have the latest software, manuals, information and tips related to your devices, as well as the ability to synchronize data, mirror and control right from your mobile device. It’s available on both the Apple Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.

“The ability to easily manage, create and plan your waypoints, routes and tracks in your app and then seamlessly synchronise with your Lowrance display from anywhere on the boat right from the palm of your hand will enable anglers to spend more time doing what we love: fishing,” said Lucas Steward, EVP of Lowrance.

“Whether you are using the free or the new premium version, we are confident all anglers will be blown away with the high-resolution, detailed C-MAP charts.

The premium version of the Lowrance App includes custom depth shading – a key feature for anglers – as well High-Resolution Bathymetry Charts, offline maps and global charts, Automatic Identification System (AIS), Lowrance App Traffic, 5-day weather along the route and 5-day weather overlay, GPS navigation data and line and track record.

“While there is a lot on offer in the premium version, the simplified ‘freemium’ option still provides a long list of very useful and valuable technology and functionality for

anglers, right to your smart phone or tablet at no cost,” added Steward.

The detailed C-MAP charts on the app are carefully designed to highlight what is most important at any given time during your fishing experience, maintaining accuracy

and a clean, uncluttered view at key fishing locations for the ultimate fishing experience.


  • View the latest nautical charts

  • Manual and Autorouting

  • Manage your Waypoints, Routes & Tracks

  • GPX Import & Export

  • Thousands of Points of Interest

  • Marine Weather Forecast

  • Weather Overlay (24 hours)

  • Weather Along the Route (24 hours)

  • Chart Personalization

  • Measure Distance Tool

  • Waypoints & routes synchronization with Lowrance compatible fishfinders

  • Device Support: Registration, Guides and Software Updates


  • GPS Position & Full Navigation

  • Offline Maps (Global)

  • 5-Day Weather Along the Route

  • 5-Day Weather Overlay

  • High-Resolution Bathymetry

  • Custom Depth Shading

  • AIS

  • Traffic: View other App users around

  • Shaded Relief


The latest Simrad® software update has been released for its Multi-Functional Displays (MFDs), packed with the latest technology and visual enhancements. The updates include a series of radar interface improvements and features focused on safety, like Dangerous Target Alert, and enhanced integration with partners.

The new Dangerous Target Alert (shown in the picture above) warns the operator of dangerous radar and AIS targets according to the target parameters in “Settings” and “Tracked Targets”. The dangerous target alert provides a simple diagram in a pop-up window that shows the range, graphical bearing and heading of the vessel in relation to the operator’s vessel.

Right: Visually, the moving radar and AIS targets will now display a graduated trail.

The new radar improvements make it easier to view, track and monitor vessels, and identify vessels that may be a risk to the user's course. New icons for the Automatic Identification System (AIS) and symbols for radar tracked targets allow greater clarity of risks and can be combined into one unified view on your screen. In addition, several features in this release enhance connectivity, comfort and control with product integrations including the CZone® Control Bar for digital switching, SteadySteer™ support and Mercury Smart Tow for optimal tubing, water skiing and wake boarding speed – each easily integrated into Simrad® MFDs.

The new version includes upgrades around AIS, radar display, and greatly enhanced integration capabilities.

The Key highlights are:

  • Radar Interface improvements

  • AIS improvements

  • SteadySteer™ support

  • CZone® Control Bar integration

  • ITC Lighting control bar

  • Sirius XM FishMapping (NSS & NSO only)

  • Mercury Smart Tow integration

  • Honda Eco Mode instrument bar

  • ActiveTarget™ support


These eye-catching barramundi silhouettes are fashioned from stainless steel, ready to hang.

Wall Art Barramundi are locally made in Darwin by Karen Johnson from corrosion-resistant, durable, low-maintenance (long-lasting), 1.2mm 304 stainless steel for an attractive shiny appearance; they are also environmentally friendly (recyclable).

“The iconic barramundi inhabits the Top End’s creeks and rivers, freshwater floodplains, saltwater estuaries and Darwin Harbour,” Karen said. “This majestic fish is a prized sportfish that has challenged fishermen and women who live and visit the Top End.

“I have been long fascinated with this fish and its silvery grey colour and began screen printing my original barramundi designs onto fabric to make t-shirts and tea towels. “Recently, I had my design fabricated into steel cut-outs for wall art. They look great displayed as a ‘school’ of barramundi,” Karen explained.

Wall Art Barramundi are available in two sizes:

The “Metery” Barramundi – 1 metre long x 47cm wide x 1.2mm deep (Cost incl gst $160.00)

The “Legal” Barramundi – 55 cm long x 25cm wide x 1.2mm deep (Cost incl gst $110.00)

Postage varies depending on destination and quantity – allow $40.00 for the Metrey and $30.00 for the Legal (Australia only).

For orders and pricing quote contact:


The ATC Combat 100 is not just a smaller version of the tough Combat Plus 200 baitcaster, but rather an entirely new model that has been designed from the ground up with lure casting in mind.

Combining the perfect balance between weight and power, the Combat 100/101 weighs only 180g unspooled and is built using an ultralight aluminium frame and body, as well as a deep capacity, aluminium spool.

Featuring an ultra-smooth multi-disc drag system that can provide up to 9kg of drag pressure, this reel is ready to rumble. Smooth operation is achieved through the incorporation of 9+1 stainless steel ball bearings and the 7.3:1 gear ratio means line recovery is not compromised by the small overall size of the reel.

Bass, golden perch, flathead, mangrove jack, barra, threadfin and more will all fall to this incredible reel that casts consistently well in any conditions.

Built for braid, the Combat 100/101 comes in left (101) or right (100) hand models and is suitable for both fresh- and saltwater use. Line capacity 190metres of 0.28 diameter lines (30 pound braid).


Revolution rarely comes twice in the one lure, but the Flat Shad X revolutionises the revolutionary Flat Shad.

At the heart of the Flat Shad X is the patented belly slits that allow the plastic to easily compress in any direction, exposing the hook to ensure solid hook-ups. But the X takes the revolution to another level.

The Jighead Rigged Flat Shad X incorporates a Kevlar webbed tail that is segmented to provide incredible movement from the boot tail. This creates a rolling action as well as a beautiful undulating tail that fish can’t help but attack when retrieved at the slowest of speeds.

In the two larger sizes (145mm and 170mm), the exposed jighead hook sits proud on top while a supplied stinger hook is fitted under the belly of the lure. But it doesn’t end there! There is also a further stinger attachment eyelet above the eye of the lure on the head, just behind the towing eyelet. This allows anglers to place a treble up on top on weedy or snaggy country and swap out the bottom stinger for a flashy blade or similar.

The two smallest (90mm and 130mm) Flat Shad X features an internal jighead with a stinger attachment hidden in the collapsible belly area, with the 130 sporting an additional stinger attachment above the eye like the 145mm and 170mm models.

Available in 11 colours that include natural patterns and attractor colours, the Jighead Rigged Flat Shad X will be available in a 90mm 8g, 130mm 28g, 145mm 60g and 170mm 73g option.

The Jighead Rigged Flat Shad X really does provide unlimited rigging and fishing options and is a genuine revolution in the Flat Shad range.


The Mezashi Casting Jigs from Mustad are designed to give anglers lightweight casting options for inshore work.

Species such as snapper, tailor, salmon, flathead and mulloway will fall to the attractive action of these lures in the salt while freshwater species such as Australian bass, redfin and trout will eagerly chase down these brilliant jigs.

They are cleverly designed to give two differing actions on the fall: when the Mezashi jigs fall with the triangle side down, they give a beautiful sliding action; when the jig falls on the rounded side, an enticing flutter is seen. To make things even better, when the jig is retrieved, the Mezashi jig gives an intense wobbling action pelagic predators adore!

Coming pre-rigged with a Jawlock treble on the rear and a 1183SP assist hook on the front, the Mezashi Jig range comes in eight colours and five sizes that include 15g, 20g, 30g, 40g and 60g.


Our favourite CrawZ just got bigger!

Overwhelming demand has seen the addition of the ZMan 3.5" Pro CrawZ, equipping anglers with an upsized version of the popular TRD CrawZ. The bulked up ElaZtech claws are super-buoyant to float up at rest, displaying a crayfish's natural defensive posture. Anatomical realism includes a tucked under tail, bulbous crayfish eyes and natural swimmerets for secondary elements of underwater animation. A dynamite presentation for yellowbelly, Murray cod, barramundi, mangrove jack, flathead, snapper and loads more. If it's a medium to large predatory species that eats crustaceans, fish on!

This versatile 10X Tough ElaZtech presentation can be jighead rigged or run as a deadly trailer on a spinnerbait, chatterbait or skirted jig.

  • Upsized version of the popular TRD CrawZ in response to overwhelming angler demand.

  • Realistic profile features tucked under tail and oversized claws.

  • Naturally buoyant 10X Tough ElaZtech material allows claws to float up at rest in natural defensive posture.

  • Ideal rigged standard or as a trailer for spinnerbaits, chatterbaits and skirted jigs.

Available in 4 colours, with 3 per pack and a RRP of $12.95.


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