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G.Loomis rods are now available at your local tackle store!


A great affordable range within the G.Loomis stable, the E6X features multi-taper technology that allows for weight reductions and increased sensitivity with surprising power-to-weight ratios for handling numerous inshore species. A comprehensive selection of lengths and tapers provide anglers with an option for the varying techniques and presentations required for inshore success.


Ultra-light fishing is a heck of a lot of fun and matching rods to such a variety of uses is a challenge, but not impossible. The classic light duty IMX rods are designed primarily for a multitude of different applications. Featuring a moderate to fast taper with ultra-light to light power ratings. They are remarkably strong and can handle surprisingly

big fish.


The G.Loomis IMX Pro rods extend the lightweight, performance-driven IMX line-up with a series of lure-specific models. Unlike other rods that utilise the same mandrel for multiple lengths and tapers, each rod in the G.Loomis IMX Pro line-up has been custom-built using G.Loomis’ multi-taper technology to provide the ideal strength-to-weight ratio. Fitted with series of premium Fuji K-Frame guides, the rods are up to 15% lighter and are complete with premium cork grips.


The G. Loomis NRX+ rods feature American made blanks rolled with Shimano’s proprietary Spiral X technology for ultra-fast recovery, increased casting distance, heightened sensitivity, and drastic weight reduction. The multi-tapered design also reinforces potential stress points within the blank while reducing unnecessary graphite material. They are outfitted with custom lightweight CI4+ reel seats, and a hybrid guide train to allow anglers to make long, accurate casts. They also feature premium split grip cork handles that increase vibration transmission to your hand and improve the balance of the rods.


The G.Loomis Conquest Rods deliver the absolute pinnacle of performance. Developed in conjunction with Shimano, the Conquest Rods utilise Shimano’s cutting-edge Spiral-X and Hi-Power technology to prevent blank twists, while increasing casting distance and accuracy. Complete with high-performance Torzite guides form Fuji, the rods offer unshakable durability and effortless line management. For added comfort and connection, the rods are fitted with a custom reel seat and blank-cork handles, which enhance sensitivity and grip.


The Bantam BT Sraptor is an innovative floating glidebait that comes with an adjustable tungsten weight system that allows anglers to fine tune the lure’s buoyancy and fall.

The Bantam BT Sraptor features an oversized realistic PVC tail section to leave a sonic signature trail in the water and draw big bites from active fish. The BT Sraptor can be used with a steady retrieve for a side-to-side gliding action or a more aggressive “twitch and pause” technique to get the reaction bite from shutdown predators. The Bantam BT Sraptor’s unique triple connection hinge eliminates torsional mechanical movement to produce consistent action and strength, designed for hard-hitting predators like Murray cod, barramundi, mulloway and XL flathead.

Size: 184mm


The Bantam BT Force is a big, loud and innovative subsurface wakebait designed for aggressive, big-bait-eating predators. Designed in Japan, the Bantam BT Force features an aggressively-angled bib and integrated rolling weight to enhance body roll, action and sound on the retrieve. The hinged body and lifelike PVC tail creates additional noise and vibration to elicit strikes in the dark and raise fish from the deep.

The Bantam BT Force can be used with a constant steady retrieve to produce bites from monster-size Murray cod, barramundi, flathead and mulloway.

Size: 190mm and weighing 50 grams

Available in 8 fish catching colours.


Shimano and Squidgies have joined forces to create the next generation of Squidgies soft baits. These new lures are engineered in Japan for great quality, while keeping the time-tested Squidgies shapes. The Dura Stretch material is durable, strong, and will keep its shape even after being stretched like crazy.

Engineered in Japan, they’re built tough, with a UV treatment that makes the plastic last for ages. With 20 years of Squidgies research and development behind them, they’re perfect for Aussie conditions. Made with the classic Squidgies fish shape. Available in 80mm and 100mm.


New for 2022/23 season, Gillies is proud to release the updated version of our Manual inflatables.

The Manual inflatables now come with ID window so the wearer can see if the jacket is active or not.

This is a Halkey Roberts single point indicator. There are no fly-away clips so they are very simple to self-service. All that is needed is a 33 gram bottle. All the jackets are certified to AS4758.1 2015.

The Response range of PFDs by Life Jacket Solutions includes the inflatable Tasmanian Devil Deluxe Auto / Manual which are suitable for fishing and boating.

This great product is designed to be comfortable, lightweight and low profile with a neoprene neckline for all day wear. The Tassie Devil model features durable fabric which resists tears and punctures – which is important for anglers and it ¬has the Single Point Indicator¬ Clear ID window¬ to quickly identify that the unit is in operational status. In addition to deploying automatically it is also equipped with back-up oral inflation. This model is it is also able to be self-serviced by being able to simply replace the CO2 inflation cartridge. Universal size for 40kg and above wearers.


The master swimbait creators at Scottsboro have come together with the team at Yum Bait Company to deliver an injection-moulded swimbait that exudes the action and craftsmanship generally reserved for specialty hand-poured baits. The Yum Scottsboro Swimbaits rely on an irresistible profile that works in tandem with their subtle tail kick and side-to-side roll for an unbeatably realistic presentation. They feature an anatomically lifelike body with meticulously crafted colourways that are ideal for barra up north as well as trout, bass and all estuary species. Available in two sizes, 3” and 4.5”, and in 6 Colours.


The new Bluewater Trolling Skirts feature hand poured heads and our trademark Classic eye. With new and unique skirt colours and head colour combinations, they will be a popular addition for those chasing tuna and smaller billfish species.

Available in 2 sizes 4”/100mm and 6”/150mm and in 6 exclusive colours.


The legendary Gillies Baitfish lures have had an upgrade for 2022. The new Pro Series Baitfish are a life-like imitation of popular baitfish species.

This is a truly versatile lure that can be cast, trolled or jigged. Gillies Baitfish lures come standard rigged with quality stainless split ring and 3X VMC treble hook. Target species: tailor, salmon, kingfish, mackerel, tuna, trevally and other pelagic species.

Available in five sizes: 10-15-25-40-60gm weights.


Top water fishing has become incredibly popular over the last few years. Chasing cod, barra and other popular sportfish on the surface requires a line with stealth, smoothness and performance that is guaranteed in every Fins product. Infinity is made of genuine UHMWPE (ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene) yarns that are coloured black at the point of creation.

This makes Infinity braid a no-stretch, super-strong, durable line with a silky-smooth texture and colour that will never fade. Made in Kentucky USA by America’s most experienced braided fishing line manufacturer, Infinity represents the best eight end braid available. Available from 5lb up to 65lb in a range of both consumer and bulk spools.


Reidy’s Lures recently purchased Akame Tackle which includes several lure styles.

Akame Guppy: This is a paddle tail minnow with segmented tail section, pre-rigged with a weighted weedless hook. It is currently available in one size only: 120mm in 11 colours.

Akame Hybrid: This is a soft plastic prawn style profile lure pre-rigged on a weighted weedless hook. There will also be twin replacement packs unrigged available for customers to rig their own lures. Available in four sizes: 60, 90, 120 and 150mm and 10 colours.

Akame Herring: This a hard-body jointed swimbait measuring 110mm and available in five colours. A possible 80mm model coming soon.

Akame Leaf Jigz: Arriving soon in weights 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 160 and 200grams in seven colours available mid-year. This is a slow pitch jig.

Akame Dukz: This is a weedless style top water lure with rotating feet and available in two sizes: 85 and 100mm in 5 colours.


We are proud to announce a new range of posters, custom canvases and metal print artwork for anglers. Initially we have launched our BARRAMUNDI - Lure artwork. A Jumping Barra poster is now available in an A1 poster size (59.4 x 84.1 cm). This is printed on quality Outdoor paper stock, which is weatherproof and water-resistant.

RRP: $48.00


Our Jumping Barra poster is also available as an A5 Card. Inside simply says “Tight Lines”. Each card comes with an envelope, individually packed in a cellophane bag. Great idea as a gift card, thank you card, even as a gift voucher! RRP: $7.00

John Haenke

Offshore Productions Pty Ltd

61 Poole St BOWEN 4805

PH: 0418 187 618



We are offering artwork that we can customise featuring you and your best barra photo in an A1 poster, Canvas or HD Metal print.

Each artwork will be customised with your photo (a 3mb file or higher is suggested) and your name and details as required.

This custom print is available in a number of options:

Laminated A1 Poster — 59.4 x 84.1 cm


(postage included within Australia)

Framed Canvas — 90cm x 60cm


(postage included within Australia)

HD Metal Print: 75cm x 50cm

Created using high quality aluminium panels, our metal prints are strong, durable and weatherproof — perfect for outdoor areas.

RRP: $680.00

(postage included within Australia)


The Mezashi Casting Jigs from Mustad are designed to give anglers lightweight casting options for inshore work.

Species such as snapper, tailor, salmon, flathead and mulloway will fall to the attractive action of these lures in the salt while freshwater species such as Australian bass, redfin and trout will eagerly chase down these brilliant jigs.

They are cleverly designed to give two differing actions on the fall: when the Mezashi jigs fall with the triangle side down they give a beautiful sliding action; when the jig falls on the rounded side, an enticing flutter is seen. To make things even better, when the jig is retrieved, the Mezashi jig gives an intense wobbling action pelagic predators adore!

Coming pre-rigged with a Jawlock treble on the rear and a 1183SP assist hook on the front, the Mezashi Jig range comes in 8 colours and five sizes that include 15g, 20g, 30g, 40g and 60g.


Revolution rarely comes twice in the one lure, but the Flat Shad X revolutionises the revolutionary Flat Shad.

At the heart of the Flat Shad X is the patented belly slits that allow the plastic to easily compress in any direction, exposing the hook to ensure solid hook-ups. But the X takes the revolution to another level.

The Jighead Rigged Flat Shad X incorporates a Kevlar webbed tail that is segmented to provide incredible movement from the boot tail. This creates a rolling action as well as a beautiful undulating tail that fish can’t help but attack when retrieved at the slowest of speeds. In the two larger sizes (145mm and 170mm), the exposed jighead hook sits proud on top while a supplied stinger hook is fitted under the belly of the lure. But it doesn’t end there! There is also a further stinger attachment eyelet above the eye of the lure on the head, just behind the towing eyelet. This allows anglers to place a treble up on top on weedy or snaggy country and swap out the bottom stinger for a flashy blade or similar.

The two smallest (90mm and 130mm) Flat Shad X feature an internal jighead with a stinger attachment hidden in the collapsible belly area with the 130 sporting an additional stinger attachment above the eye like the 145mm and 170mm models.

Available in 11 colours that include natural patterns and attractor colours, the Jighead Rigged Flat Shad X will be available in a 90mm 8g, 130mm 28g, 145mm 60g and 170mm 73g option.

The Jighead Rigged Flat Shad X really does provide unlimited rigging and fishing options and is a genuine revolution in the Flat Shad range.


The recent NT Barra Classic and NT Barra Nationals – the two premier barra tournaments in the NT – established beyond any doubt what a game changer the new Lowrance/Simrad Active Live Target is.

These major competitions certainly showed that the latest electronic fish-finding equipment – in the right hands – can be a real tournament winner.

The Tackle World team, led by Shane Compain, relied almost totally on the amazing Active Live Target which basically shows you fish swimming around.

Then, if you’re good enough, you toss your lure at where you think the fish is and hopefully achieve the right depth for the fish to see it and bite it.

It’s not the simplest technology to use.

Shane explained it took him a few months and lots of fishing to get the hang of it.

“There’s not only barra out there, but also big mullet, sharks and catfish,” Shane explained.

“Plus most of the barra you see don’t hit the lure because they’re not in a feeding mood.”

Shane’s experience with this equipment and his vast knowledge of the Daly River helped his team win both tournaments, including some big fish.

In what is a record for the Barra Nationals, or any other NT barra tournament, Shane personally landed three barra over a metre, including two whopping 113cm fish. It just goes to show what is achievable with this technology.

Terry Ryan in the Tackle World team also caught a metre-plus barra, and fellow team mate Bryce Neal caught a 107cm barra on the Orientation Day.

When you consider there was only one other metrey caught between the other 65 teams, it’s very clear what direction barra fishing is taking from now on.


Navico is now in a partnership with the E1 Series, the world’s first electric powerboating championship, scheduled to kick off in early 2023 with up to 12 teams set to race on a tight, technical course reaching speeds up to 50 knots (58mph; 93km/h). The partnership coincides with the E1 Series unveiling its first full-size model of the RaceBird electric powerboat.

Simrad® electronics will be the Official Marine Electronics Partner of the E1 Series, while C-MAP becomes the Official Cartography Partner. Both brands will assist to support the development of onboard systems and RaceBird’s cockpit for use in a future E1 Series powerboat racing championship.

“The electrification journey is quickly taking hold in the boating industry and we believe the E1 Series is a perfect platform to raise the bar around innovation and encourage action in marine conservation and sustainability,” said Knut Frostad, CEO of Navico.

The E1 Series partnership is designed to create the world’s first Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM) sanctioned electric powerboat racing championship, with competition held close to shore in urban areas featuring the RaceBird, a hydrofoil-type boat now under development for use in the series. The RaceBird was designed by SeaBird Technologies and Victory Marine and features an electric outboard motor, enclosed safety canopy and hydrofoil technology. The boats will be powered by a 35kWh battery from Kreisel and a motor with 150 kW peak power output, with a projected top speed of 58mph (93 km/h). Using innovative hydrofoil technology, the RaceBird powerboats will rise high above the water’s surface, allowing for minimum drag and maximum energy efficiency. The boats will be manufactured by Victory Marine.

C-MAP and Simrad® products will provide specialist navigation and marine electronics for the RaceBirds and support craft at race events, integrating Simrad’s latest technology into the cockpits and C-MAP’s digital cartography and mapping technology for teams and race management.

“This is a fantastic day for racing fans across the world as the new RaceBird is unveiled, and we look forward to seeing the technologies Simrad and C-MAP will integrate into this new electric powerboat racing championship in the near future,” added Frostad.


The Simrad® App debuted last summer and has already pushed out a series of new features to provide superior connectivity and safety for boaters. The Simrad® App updates include satellite view capability, weather overlay, track sharing, personalised notifications, and a new anchor alert feature. The Simrad® App is available on both the Apple Store for iOS and Google Play for Android, and serves as a perfect companion to Simrad® electronics on-board any vessel.

Premium subscribers in the Simrad® App now benefit from satellite overlay, enhancing situational awareness with the option to choose between full view or land-only. In addition, users can select the transparency level of the layer.

Another key update for Simrad® boaters and anglers is the Weather Overlay, which incorporates data such as wind, gust, precipitation, air temperature, and pressure directly onto users’ charts. During route planning, users can see up-to-date weather forecasts at a specific time and location. Users can also toggle the Weather Overlay from within their main chart view.

The Anchor Alert feature is a real game-changer. When anchoring, users can set their location and receive push notifications if the boat drifts while they’re busy or sleeping on-board. Using GPS data, a breach of the geofence results in the sounding of an alarm.

New sharing and engagement capabilities include the ability to share tracks with friends and followers in other applications (i.e. Facebook, WhatsApp, text), sending and receiving referral invitations to the app, and push notifications for key events like weather-related alerts.

The C-MAP charts on the app are carefully designed to highlight what is most important at any given time during your boating experience, maintaining accuracy and offering a clean, uncluttered view. Charts are powered by data from official hydrographic offices and are continuously updated and augmented using thousands of data sources. The Simrad® App also features detailed fishing information for anglers and sportfishing enthusiasts.


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