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Winner of the best saltwater reel at I-Cast 2015, the new PENN® Clash® spinning reel is a lightweight, technically-designed spinning reel for modern saltwater sportfishing. With the new CNC gear-technology system, the precision aluminium/brass main gear and brass pinion are machined to exact tolerances to provide the smoothest operation.

The Clash is PENN-reliable, built to withstand years of saltwater conditions. The full aluminium body and side-plate together with eight-plus-one sealed ball bearings add to the reel’s durability. The Techno-Balanced™ rotors are RR30 carbon on the smaller reels and aluminium on the larger sizes; together with heavy-duty aluminium bail arms, the reels are built to ensure long life. The new Leveline™ slow-oscillation system is rugged and produces tight, near-perfect line lay for improved casting and reducing the occurrence of “wind knots”.

The Clash HT-100 drag system is sealed to protect from corrosion and smoothly manages the fight from hook set to landing. The drag’s wave spring provides more drag capability when compared to conventional coil springs, delivering consistent drag pressure from a light setting right up to maximum drag (up to 18kg on the 8000 size)! The skirted spool is braid ready with line capacity rings to indicate the amount of line remaining on the spool.

Six Clash models featuring an attractive and long-lasting black-with-gold-trim finish are available, from the 245-gram 2500 to the 771-gram 8000.


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