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Most people view Plano tackle boxes and associated outdoor products as being imported from overseas; however, the 6100 line of tackle boxes are a home-grown product and manufactured right here in Australia.

There are three boxes in the range: 6101, 6102 and 6103. The 6101 is a single tray, 6102 has two trays and the largest 6103 has three lift-up tackle trays. Built on Plano’s reputation for quality tackle storage systems, the Aussie versions are all fitted with a sturdy brass bailed front latch for durability. In addition, the 6101 and 6102 boxes are also available as a pre-packed fishing kit with essentials such as handline, hooks, sinkers, swivels, hook remover and scaler so you can just grab one of these fully-kitted-out boxes and go fishing!


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