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The SLX reel was introduced earlier in 2018 and is a compact 150 size reel with a Hagane (alloy) frame and durable brass gearing. We covered the reel in issue 35 NAFA Good Gear. Needless to say, the reel has seen plenty of use since then and has not put a foot wrong. Enter the SLX baitcasting rod (SLXC510MOZ) which was unveiled at the Australian Fishing Trade Show last July to complement the SLX reel. This rod has a medium power rating and recommends 15-30 pound lines and 7-28 gram casting weights. The SLX utilises a 24 ton carbon fibre blank and is 1.78m (5’10”) in length with split EVA grips in its butt section and no fore grip apart from the winch fitting. It features a matt black blank with blue bindings that secure titanium oxide guides plus metallic blue accents that match the reel. The combo balances nicely and the rod has a crisp action; while not top of the line, it matches the “value category” niche that the SLX reel also slots into. The rod has a longish butt and was at home using a two handed approach. During testing, lure weights were at the lower end of the scale rather than at the top end. Such is the SLX reel’s stature, casting lure weights of 7-10 grams was not an issue, and nor would it be casting your typical larger 120mm minnow lures. The SLX rod reminds me a lot of the Barra Magnum of the Shimano Raider series, albeit with a longer butt section. Shimano is to be applauded for developing a great combo that would be an ideal outfit for someone starting out wanting a quality lure casting outfit or as a second or third rod and reel that won’t break the bank and has matching good looks to boot.


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