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The new Stradic incorporates a host of the latest Shimano technologies to make the FL series a stronger, smoother, more durable and a better casting reel.

The Stradic FL will carry forward the majority of the Shimano technologies that have made the Stradic series what it is today: Hagane Body, Hagane Gear, X-Ship and the G Free Body. The first of the new technologies added is the Micromodule Gear II.

This represents an upgrade to the surfaces of the drive and pinion gear which means that the gears can align and perform more quietly with minimal resistance. Secondly, the SilentDrive technology improves tolerances within the gearing system by reducing clearance gaps as the gears mesh. The Hagane Gears have been upgraded for added strength; this in turn creates a silky-smooth reel.

X-Protect has also been added to the Stradic FL. This internal labyrinthtype structure gives the reel a superior level of water-resistant performance without impeding the light rotation of the reel. The new Long Stroke Spool has been incorporated to improve casting distance. The 1000, 2500 and 4000 models have felt washer drags whilst the C3000 and C5000 models have upgraded cross-carbon drags.

With 6+1 ARC ball bearings, the new Stradic is sure to impress anyone who picks it up. It has a RRP of $339.95 to $389.95.


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