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GOOD GEAR: Shimano Zodias Rods

INHOUSE REVIEW by ROGER SINCLAIR  Shimano’s exclusive Hi-Power X Construction graphite  blanks are the foundation for its impressive range of  Zodias casting and spinning rods. The lightweight blanks  are complemented by custom shaped EVA grips, Fuji ‘K’  series Alconite guides, a Fuji SiC tip and a CI 4+ reel seat  for an additional weight saving. Attractively styled black graphite cross-wrapped blanks are embellished with red  highlights so they look as good as they perform. I had an opportunity to test drive both the 166MH  baitcaster and the 270M spin rod, and these Hi-Power  blanks did not disappoint with their light crisp actions  and ability to cast lures out of sight. They also have   acute sensitivity that transmits every tap from a snag,   weed or a cautious short-striking fish. The 166 MH baitcaster was teamed up with a Shimano Chronarch 50E to make a superb outfit, able to hit distant targets with ease. It was a delight to use casting over  skinny-water flats where nervous predators demand  maximum separation between themselves and those  that pursue them, lest they spook, bow-waving their way  to deeper sanctuaries. Similarly the Zodias 270M spin  matched perfectly with a 2500 Sustain and was a great  combination for finesse barra presentations; although  light in the hand, it still had plenty of reserve power to  stick it to a rampaging barra when necessary. There are five spin rods from 6’ 8” to 7’ in length,  the latter in two piece, and four baitcasters to  choose from that will cover everything from bream  and bass in temperate waters to barra and mangrove  jacks in the tropics.


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