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The StumpJumper lure has carved an iconic reputation amongst Murray cod anglers as possibly the best lure ever created to catch these majestic fish. To improve upon this reputation is to think big and that’s exactly what the boys at JM Gillies created when they decided to upsize the current model Stumpjumper.

In the early part of 2016 cod season, I received a large prototype and first trip out it was stopped dead in its tracks when a 125cm Murray cod inhaled the large offering as though it were a jellybean. That’s not a bad first up cod for any lure but it’s indicative of the successful run the StumpJumper range has had on native fish. At 170mm in length, the lure comes with interchangeable bibs and is capable of reaching depths of 10m plus when trolled using the largest bib. The StumpJumper Mega will no doubt be a favourite amongst cod fishos and big Murray cod alike as it carves out its own reputation. It is available in eight colours.


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