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Tonic Polarised Eyewear has released the new Rise in time for summer. Rise features the new SLICE lens, possibly the thinnest and lightest polarised glass lens in the world. Doug Phillips, maker of high-quality polarised eyewear in Australia since 1992 and founder of Tonic Eyewear says: “The Rise is designed for fishing with hockey arms that curve over your ears.  It is extremely lightweight with our nonslip adjustable nose pads giving all-day comfort.  This is definitely a world class product”. Available from Tonic stockists now, the new Rise comes in SLICE Glass Photochromic Copper, SLICE Glass Photochromic Grey, and SLICE Glass Green Mirror. Fully made in Japan, every pair of Tonic Eyewear incorporates the latest optical technology including de-centred lenses for distortion-free viewing at any angle. Tonic’s scratch-resistant SLICE glass polarised lens is just 1.3 mm thick, making it 50% lighter than regular glass. Each lens features anti-reflective coatings and new Tonic polarising filter systems. Tonic Polarised Eyewear comes in more than 12 wraparound styles and a variety of lens types to suit different weather and water situations. Available at over 250 locations around Australia and New Zealand.


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