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GOOD GEAR: Venom Game Rod

The Venom Game Series the 37kg bent butt won Best Game Rod at the 2015 AFTA Trade Show.

Venom Game Rods will be available in five configurations that include: 8kg straight butt, 15kg straight butt, 24kg bent butt, 24kg straight butt and the award-winning 37kg bent butt. Each rod is built with “stroker”-style taper, perfect for stand-up fishing to put more hurt on the fish and less hurt on the angler. Venom game rod are exceptionally light thanks to bladder-moulded, high-modulus carbon butts to ensure maximum strength for minimal weight. Winthrop aluminium roller guides feature on all rods in the series. These lightweight guides have a pin-and-roller-sleeve construction that will not let you down when the pressure is on. The guides on the 8, 15 and 24kg rods are under bound and double over bound, while the 37kg rod is under bound and triple over bound to ensure integrity for the lifetime of the rod.

The fore-grip is custom shaped EVA that is specifically textured to give anglers a comfortable and safe grip when fighting fish. The ALPS reel seats, designed in America, incorporate a robust, lightweight alloy construction that has been tried, tested and proven flawless over years of use. Designed and built in Australia, a Venom Game Series rof is a quality weapon for fighting big fish and winning.


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