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GOOD GEAR: Zman 4.5” RaZor ShadZ

ZMan’s RaZor ShadZ features a segmented,  fish-shaped body and forked tail to create an  extremely life-like profile in the water.

The segmented tail allows maximum action with the  slightest twitch of the rod tip and the buoyancy of  the 10X Tough, ElaZtech construction brings the RaZor ShadZ to life in the water.  RaZor ShadZ can be rigged on a TT Lures HeadlockZ jighead to fish the required depth  or alternatively weedless rigged on a TT Lures  ChinlockZ hook for an erratic darting-diving  action – simulating a dying baitfish – with a  deadly slow rise on the pause. The surface hits  were spectacular during the testing phase,  slow rolling and twitching this plastic as  a surface wake bait… BOOF!  For those throwing  spinnerbaits and  chatterbaits, they  have also already proven  popular as a trailer.  RaZor ShadZ are available in 6  popular colours, with 4 per pack and a  SRP of $11.50.


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