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Market-leading Emergency Beacon manufacturer GME has released the MT600G in a special promotional BONUS Pack, just in time for Christmas and the New Year. Coupled with the MT600G GPS equipped EPIRB is the versatile ET80 waterproof, twist-to-charge torch.

The MT600G features enhanced GPS functionality ensuring faster location in an emergency situation, a 10-year battery life and advanced self-testing capability, giving users greater peace of mind. Certified by COSPAS SARSAT for worldwide usage, the MT600G is an Australian-made safety device that could save your life.

The ET80 torch features a unique twist-to-charge capability which means that your emergency torch will never be without charge. You can charge your torch via USB on the way to the boat ramp, and using the USB ‘out’ cable, charge other USB powered devices such as a phone. With three brightness modes plus S.O.S and strobe modes, the ET80 is a fantastic addition to your safety kit. To top it off, the ET80 even has a stainless-steel bottle opener moulded into its base. Perfect for those hot summer days!

The MT600G BONUS Pack with ET80 torch is available at Authorised GME Marine Dealers at an RRP of $399 including GST during December and January or while stocks last.


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