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Great Northern Zero is for consumers who love the great outdoors. Now they no longer have to make a choice between adventures like four-wheel-driving or fishing and still enjoying a beer… with Great Northern Zero, they can do both!

There is a lot of growth in non-alcoholic beers and, with Great Northern Zero, Great Northern brewers have been able to develop a beer with the flavour profile consumers expect from a beer with alcohol. And it’s clear that consumers agree, given the success of Great Northern Zero in the marketplace.

Great Northern continues to be excited by the contribution of Zero to the no-and-low alcohol (NOLO) category. It is expected consumers will increasingly choose to moderate their alcohol consumption and that the popularity of Zero will continue to grow.


Great Northern Zero is a 0.0% alcohol beer, brewed with an outdoor lifestyle in mind. With its fruity aroma and crisp finish, it is the ultimate 0.0% alcohol refreshment for your favourite adventure.

The Great Northern Zero recipe has gone through an alcohol removal process and then blended to create a crisp 0.0% alcohol beer without compromising on taste.


With deep golden hues and a fruity aroma that carries through to the palate, Great Northern Zero has a balanced sweetness that is complemented with subtle bitterness. It finishes clean and crisp.

ABV: 0.0% Bitterness: 13BU


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