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The pinnacle of portable power, these lightweight outboards are super easy to start and they incorporate a huge range of innovative features in the lightest possible package. Equipped with a powerful 127cc engine that provides efficient acceleration and high levels of torque, these engines are perfect for small fishing tinnies, tenders, canoes, and Inflatable Ribs.

These engines provide responsive, smooth and reliable power in a lightweight design. Honda’s advanced four-stroke technology results in efficient clean and quiet operation.

The easy-to-maintain, compact design allows for easy transportation and storage

Key features:

  • Extended running time - Each engine has an integrated large capacity in-built fuel tank. Hidden away under the cowling, this additional 1.5L of fuel gives the operator longer continuous running time; the longest running time available in their class with up to 43 minutes at wide open throttle. Equipped with Honda's decompression mechanism, the BF4, 5 and 6 are a breeze to start at whatever temperature the engine may be.

  • Low vibration - Sick of getting a numb or tingly arm while out on the water from the harsh vibrations resonating from your engine? Not with the BF4, 5 and 6. Honda has specifically developed new rubber engine mounts that are integrated into the outboard to absorb practically all vibrations across the rpm range. This design delivers superior comfort to the operator, meaning that you can travel longer and further in complete comfort.

  • Ultimate portable power - The BF4, 5 and 6 start from a low weight of 27kg. Their lightweight and new carrying handle design enables you to easily transport and store away the engines. The tiller handle can be fully folded to make the unit even more compact making storage even more convenient.

  • Corrosion protection system - Every Honda engine undergoes an exclusive four-stage coating process for protection against harsh conditions like ultraviolet rays and saltwater exposure. A double-sealed anodising treatment is applied to the aluminium alloy base, followed by the epoxy primer undercoat, acrylic aqua marine silver paint and, finally, the acrylic resin topcoat.

  • One-touch engine stop switch – They are safer in emergency situations and the engine is easy to turn off when you reach your destination. To protect the outboard, an oil alert system automatically limits the engine speed to 2300rpm in case of an oil pressure drop.

  • Easy transport and storage - The front mount carrying handle provides superior portability and ease of installation. The easy-to-maintain, compact design allows for easy transportation and storage. These features mean you can spend less time worrying about your engine and more time enjoying the outdoors.

These engines are perfect for small fishing tinnies, tenders, canoes and Inflatable Ribs.


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