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Fishing and boating apparel has never been something of a fashion statement as most anglers will attest to. Leaving the house in the past was generally met with a sideways glance from the neighbour or a smirk from the cashier at a service station or the bakery.

Some anglers would wear that as a badge of honour while others had to adapt to what was available. Those days are now behind us and not only are the options for clothing far more fashionable, but they are also more functional, comfortable, and even socially responsible.

HUK (pronounced “hook”) has been the leader in fishing and boating apparel in the USA now for many years and purportedly much of the success is due to several areas that other apparel brands were lacking.

Huge range of women’s and kid’s options.

• More refined fits.

• Attractive designs.

• Cutting-edge fabrics.

• Performance and

functional comfort.

HUK recognised that women in fishing was the fastest-growing category and combined it with the popularity of active wear. The women’s range is functional but has a completely different design concept than the men. The easy option would’ve been to just colour up and down size some of the men’s range as has often been done in the past by other brands, but the design team went to work on unique and functional ranges that enhance the experience

and deliver what women want for both comfort and look, which is extremely important.

Junior anglers love having that mini-me look that emulates what mum and dad are wearing and the team at HUK have delivered. With ultra comfortable and sun safe fabrics, the kids now have an option that delivers an offer that will perform time and time again. We know how tough kids are on clothing and having garments that can be washed over and over and still feel like new is a feature of the quality fabrics used by HUK.

With the HUK ranges, you can choose subtle and fashion-focused designs or there are some louder colour options. When it comes to tournaments and competitions, which HUK have a rich history in, some anglers will prefer to be seen and heard. For those wanting to pull up at the marina and walk into a restaurant or bar after a long day on the water in a more subtle way, the design team has had this at the forefront of its designs, making the transition seamless.

The cutting-edge fabrics are not only environmentally responsible but also incredibly soft, long wearing and functional. You only need to touch the fabrics in the most basic T-shirts and then the more technical Icon X garments to understand the difference between HUK and other brands. The garments keep the fit, feel and touch wash after wash which is why the HUK customer keeps coming back. Recycled materials feature in many of the HUK garments; below details some of the work HUK has done with the popular Waypoint shirts.

Huk has partnered with REPREVE ( to incorporate recycled materials into its Waypoint insulated jacket line to help reduce plastic pollution. The collection will have the same unique HUK style but with an eco-friendly twist. On average, nine recycled plastic bottles are used to create one item in the Waypoint collection. The blended fabric provides flexibility and stretches while maintaining shape and fit.

Check your local store for the HUK performance range.


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