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This small-sized, portable heater doubles as a stove and is ideal for the boat or caravan, or for camping trips in the outdoors. Safe and easy to use, the HeatPal5100 runs of pressure free denatured alcohol such as methylated spirits and will operate for up to 7 hours on a 1.2 litre refill. Clearly a must have appliance if you are planning on cooking on your holiday and it will also keep you warm. Origo HeatPal5100 Heating power:     1500W approx. Burning time:     Approx 7 hrs/ burner, max. power Boiling time:     1 litre of water, 10 min. Fuel capacity:     1.2 litres/burner Energy source:     Pressure free denatured alcohol Overall Dimensions:    D285 x W285 x H150 mm Weight:     3kg approx. Material:     Aluminium and Stainless Steel RRP:    $249


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